Try Magicka 2 ahead of time during a 5 day sneak peek

Try Magicka 2 ahead of time during a 5 day sneak peek

The newest trailer of Magicka 2 provides a sneak peek at the upcoming sneak peek access which allows players to play a sneak peek version of the game, ahead of its May 26 release date. Not everyone will be granted this exclusive sneak peek access however as this is only granted to fans who pre-order the game. All pre-orders on PC and PS4 will include access for four players to the Sneak Peek beginning on May 5th until May 10th.

The sneak peek will include the following portions of the game:

  • The Prologue in which Wizards discover what has happened in Midgard since the last adventure
  • The First Mission of the Adventure Campaign in which Wizards use a combination of elemental spells to prevent or cause mayhem
  • The Challenge levelThe Festival” in which Wizards are challenged to attain a high score whilst opposed by score-hating monsters – munch munch!

Even if you’re not a fan of the genre, or the Magicka franchise, you should still watch this video as it’s bound to make you chuckle because hey, “gamers between 18 and 34 love chaotic co-op action!”

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