Mawashi Pocket Groove – Hardware Review
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Mawashi Pocket Groove – Hardware Review

Good: Compact, Great sound
Bad: Flimsy on/off switch, Annoying start up sound
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Wireless technology is peaking and this means we are presented with loads of goodies to create a thriving business out of this. A while ago we presented to you Ryght’s Y-Storm speaker, a small speaker which packed a serious punch. Today however we are able to present you our opinion about the Mawashi Pocket Groove, which might pack… a kick?


The shape of the speaker is quite similar to Ryght’s Y-Storm, except a bit thinner and rounded at the base and top. The overall design isn’t truly that special but it can certainly fit in with every other piece of design in your house. A nice touch is the opening at the top and bottom, in which you can see the moving speaker when the bass kicks in.

Mawashi’s Pocket Groove offers pure and great sound even when playing at maximum volume. When cranking up the volume, the sound does not distort or even get interfered. This is slightly better than the Y-Storm which lost a bit of its purity when driving it to the maximum of its abilities.

There are only two buttons on the small Pocket Groove and they are pretty much an on or off switch and a ‘phone’ button that can be used to connect with your Bluetooth device, which is needed to stream the music from. Easy to work with and that’s what it should be.

Overall battery quality of the Pocket Groove is outstanding. The speaker will last for several hours before it runs out of steam. Of course Mawashi’s speaker is provided with an USB cable for you to recharge your little speaker with.

Again the compact size of the speaker only provides you with advantages when you’re on the road much or if you simply love to play music when a radio is not within reach. The speaker has almost the same size as the Y-Storm or the Minibuddies which means it’s easily to bring along.

Pairing up is a simple matter of detecting the device with your Bluetooth device from which you intend to stream music from. It’s a simple matter of connecting and then you’re off to enjoy the great sound that comes out of this little powerhouse.


Own opinion

Design wise the Pocket Groove isn’t all that groovy except for the open top and bottom parts. It will remind you of a little boombox speaker, which the box of the item itself refers to. You’ll be able to see the bass pumping, which is quite amusing for such a small speaker.

Overall you’ll be getting a decent pocket speaker for the money you are paying for it. The sound is great and it’s easy to carry around. Sadly the speaker has 2 small disadvantages that might annoy some. First of all the on and off switch feels flimsy and hard to reach. Secondly the sound it makes when turning it on will remind you of that small children’s computer you’ve had when you were six years old.

Quality wise the Mawashi Pocket Groove is actually quite great, seeing it produces great sound for a fair price.


The Mawashi Pocket Groove might have a kick to it, just like the brand’s logo suggests. The sound is great, the design is ok and the compactness is another great asset. When looking for a small and compact speaker to accompany you on your wacky adventures it might just turn out to be a matter of taste and budget, but be sure to take a closer look at the Pocket Groove as well.

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Rating: 9.1/10 (12 votes cast)
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Mawashi Pocket Groove - Hardware Review, 9.1 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

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