Meet me at NooN is now available!

Meet me at NooN is now available!

Indie developer Pandaroo Interactive has announced the launch of Meet me at NooN, a cute puzzle game with hardcore time loop mechanics. The game was built around the idea of what the movie Tenet would be like as a puzzle game and sees players take control of two spirits. These create time loops each day, and it is up to players to learn their different behaviors, how they can interact with each other and how these interactions are interfering with their time loops.


  • Two spirits: you play solo but control two characters – one during the day – one during the night.
  • Time loop mechanics: each move you do is recorded and will be played back while controlling the other character.
  • Intertwined timelines: every interaction will modify the ‘recording action’ creating a futur butterfly effect.
  • No pressure: if you make a mistake navigate the timeline and go back in time

Meet me at NooN is available now on Steam for $ 9.99 / € 9.99. A 10% launch discount is in effect at the time of writing.

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