Mexicana #3 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Crime, Drama, Action
Written by: Mars, Matz
Illustrations: Mezzomo
Coloring: Céline Labriet
Publisher: Glénat

Mexicana #3 – Comic Book Review

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What would happen if you put one of the most righteous men in a situation where he has to betray all his principles in order to save his son? This is what Emmett was faced with, when his son ended up with the Mexican cartel boss Angel, who is still holding his son prisoner, making Emmett his own personal hitman. We jump over the Mexican fence once more, for this conclusive part of the Mexicana trilogy. Luckily we were able to express our opinion of this series first, and not Donald Trump.


Emmett still finds himself across the Mexican border, doing cleanup jobs for the Mexican mobster boss Angel. Nonetheless, seeing he is still uncertain about the fate of his son, Emmett is starting to grow weary and starts thinking it’s about time for him to do something, as it seems that Angel’s promise is worth nothing. He even promises Lucia and Pablo he will talk to Angel and take them with him after he states he’s had enough. Lucia knows the risk and tells him to calm down, and wait until the morning for their conversation to take place, rather than go on a suicide mission in the middle of the night.

When Emmett decides to confront Angel the next day, saying he’s had enough, things take a turn for the worse. While Angel stays calm and composed, he offers Emmett a new deal, namely to kill a woman and her two children, as they were planning to testify against Angel. Even though Emmett says he will do it, it seems he is planning to take matters into his own hands.

The events in this last part of the trilogy are described in a rather quick fashion, as there is much to do, in the span of one comic book. This conclusion is rather action packed, as Emmett decides he can’t wait any longer, as he is growing sick of the dirty jobs Angel is making him do. Mars & Matz, who wrote the story have decided to take things a tad slower, meaning they let the illustrations do most of the talking. This issue offers a limited amount of text, outside of Emmett’s new plan that is. A fun twist is that some phrases have a few Mexican words in them, which help set the mood.

Illustrations were handled by Mezzomo who presents us with a fun style that suits the gritty situation Emmett finds himself in. Nonetheless, the overall detail level is rather vague most of the time, but things get quite sharp during important scenes. It’s also noticeable that some of the backgrounds stand out compared to others. The color tones Céline Labriet opted for have a fun southern touch to them, which contributes a lot to the overall picture.


Mexicana #3 is a very interesting conclusion for the series, albeit without that much text to read through. You’ll mostly have to do with the gritty illustrations in this issue, and the overall suspense the buildup of the first pages brings. This is certainly a surprising finish of this short series and it’s quite clear why Emmett is called ‘el gringo loco’ after reading through this one.

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Mexicana #3 - Comic Book Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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