Mooie Zomers #2 De Kreek – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Family
Written by: Zidrou
Illustrations: Jordi Lafebre
Coloring: Jordi Lafebre, Mado Peña
Publisher: Dargaud

Mooie Zomers #2 De Kreek – Comic Book Review

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The holidays have just begun, and lots of people are already on their way to their holiday destination. Going on holiday can be quite a stressful business, yet it shouldn’t always be like that. Why not make the journey itself part of your holiday already? Why rush to get there? For the family Faldérault, their holiday begins the moment they get into the car. They enjoy the small things they experience together and just see where the road will take them. It’s a fun experience the children will probably never forget.

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In the first issue of Mooie Zomers, it was 1973 and the family Faldérault took a holiday in the south of France. Now, we jump back in time to 1969, to watch the family once again on their way to the south. Because their father, a comic book writer, still had to finish an issue of his comic book ‘Four’, about a cowboy with four arms, the family’s holiday begins with some delay. Nonetheless, now that he’s finally done, it’s time to go down south. They say goodbye to grandpa Buelo, jump in the car, and off they go. On the way, they sing songs, imagine they are flying, and even pick up a hitchhiker who thinks they are completely nuts and thus decides it’s better to go east instead of south if he ever wants to reach Kathmandu.

When the evening falls, the Faldéraults decide to put up their tent somewhere in the woods, and continue their journey the next morning. They park the car near a small wood and call it a day. It’s only when they wake up, that they realize they didn’t park in the woods, but in some old couple’s vegetable garden. Luckily, the couple Rufus and Ramona, find it very amusing and even invite them in. At night they all watch the landing on the moon together. In the morning it’s time to leave again for the Mediterranean, to a small beach where Rufus’ brother has a hut. It’s only the start of a wonderful summer.

In this second issue of Mooie Zomers, Zidrou opted for a very simple, yet really fun story yet again. It shows the simple pleasures in life, a loving mother and father, having fun with their children and taking every day as it comes. This makes it a relaxing experience to read, that will make a smile appear on your face more than once.

‘De Kreek’ is set four years earlier than the first issue, thus the children are quite a bit smaller, and the youngest one hasn’t been born yet. Jordi Lafebre illustrates this beautifully, as you can clearly recognize their little faces. Further, the characters all have quite big eyes which makes them look quite likeable. The story starts off with a part of the ‘Four’ comic book that the children’s father was writing, which is yet another fun touch.

The Coloring was done by both Jordi Lafebre and Mado Peña and shows a lot of variation in the color palette, only adding to the magic of this simple story.


In Mooie Zomers #2 De Kreek we go on holiday again with the family Faldérault. They are a family that is really tight, and that just takes everything as it comes. That’s what is the beauty of this story. Don’t go looking for exciting storylines, but just sit back and let the story captivate you.

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Mooie Zomers #2 De Kreek - Comic Book Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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