NBA 2K19 – Review
Follow Genre: Sports simulation
Developer: Visual Concepts
Publisher: 2K
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo switch
Tested on: PS4

NBA 2K19 – Review

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NBA 2K19, the 20th edition in the NBA 2K franchise, made by Visual Concepts Entertainment, since the start of the franchise in 1997. Each year they try looking for new, intriguing and refined ways to make a game about basketball be more than just scoring hoops. From pivoting to dribbling they make you the real controlling focus of the game. Are you into basketball but aren’t shy to be a couch potato from time to time? Take up the challenge and jump on court!


The storyline is this game can be found in the MyCareer mode and is called ‘The Way Back’. When you start off you’ll have to choose your appearance, name, height and position on the field. Once that’s done you start out at a conference where the next NBA league players are chosen. Sadly, you will not get picked and need to earn your stripes with hard work and commitment in teams that are less good than the top of the crop.

Your old friend Harris did make the cut as an NBA player and tries to get your priorities straight by telling that basketball is more than just getting your points. But your arrogant ass takes it as a personal attack, which leads to arguing and some distance between the two of you.

What this story is about to teach you to learn humility against others and that basketball is a team sport so that there is no place for a solo player. Are you ready to change your attitude or will you never change? The flow of the story is very linear but it develops slowly throughout the MyCareer mode and brings a nice addition to the game that makes it extra enjoyable.


Every year they update the graphics a little bit more, basketball celebrities become more and more recognizable as a result of all the little details they keep on adding. Their greatest achievement is the look of their MyCareer storyline, every cutscene feels almost real. Also if we look at the part we actually play, the court is very well done and the props are top notch. One of the reasons this game looks almost real, is throughout the use of multiple courts and a lively and recognizable audience.


There is still no difference in the music style that inhabited all the NBA 2K games, like its predecessors they make use of well known hip-hop songs, which pumps up your adrenaline from the very start that you open the game. The game menus all have their background music and when we look at this game and its story-line we can see a story, fully voice acted. With all the sounds you are supposed to hear, from the cheers of the crowd to the bouncing of the ball. Some can even be heard from your controller from time to time, like the game whistle.


NBA 2K19 is a sports simulation game, where you team up with your favorite team to play against friends, bots or even online players, to become the best basketball player alive. No doubt the sport simulation games are popular among the console players if we look at how they keep improving to give you the best virtual gaming experience. The gameplay feels fluent, which makes the four parts of each match very enjoyable, even after multiple games. The difficulty of the controls and actions make the game feel even more realistic and everything is nicely translated to the screen when giving commands to your player(s).

When looking at the different possibilities of the game, you’ll have the MyCareer mode in which you try to work your way up the competition ladder of the NBA circuit, starting in a small and somewhat unknown team. This mode has a lot of content and feels quite fun for those wanting to learn the ropes, as well as play on their own. Other than that, you can opt to play against friends, which is always fun, or if you really want to test your courage, you can play online against other players. Of course, playing online is always a bit different than playing with friends, as you can get matched against players who might outmatch you quite quickly.

What we noticed is that there were only small changes made to the game, but the developers kept in mind the wants and needs of their NBA community. Due to the fact that their opinion about the lack of content in the MyCareer mode wasn’t quite good, the developers added A LOT more content. It isn’t some short story with only a few things to do anymore, because of the amazing possibilities.

In terms of playing on the court with your team, the rules are the same as in real life basketball. You get four quarters and possibilities to ask for timeouts. The goal of the game is of course to get the highest score of the two parties and that without much fouls. Everything looks and feels like a real basketball match, which is certainly a plus when a simulation game properly mimics real life conditions.


NBA 2K19 is an upgrade from NBA 2K18 in a lot of ways, this sports simulation game brings basketball to life in one of the most beautiful ways you can imagine. The developers improved the game with a listening ear for their community, which only makes the game more enjoyable for everyone. The storyline is an emotional experience that teaches you what matters most. Besides the fact that there is a great storyline, they also added the right music and beautiful graphics to the mix. So if you liked the previous NBA games, this will definitely be a winner for you.

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NBA 2K19 - Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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