NBA 2K series prompts interesting questions in 2K20

NBA 2K20 takes players from the playground to the arena.

Every year, one of the most hyped games in the video game industry comes out of the sports genre when the NBA 2K series drops another installment of their massively-popular franchise. Fortunately for gamers, their wait to play the most current edition of the game is over, as NBA 2K20 has finally arrived. And the release of the game has brought some interesting questions, as the series looks to live up to its immeasurable hype. Here are some of the main questions the series has to answer.

How does 2K20 live up to the hype?

It is incredible that a basketball title has impressed year after year the way that NBA 2K has, as most annual sports titles are viewed by serious gamers as little more than expensive roster updates to an existing game. That stigma does not apply to the 2K series, which has earned positive reviews thanks to its ability to improve and add on to what has already been a massively-successful game. But now that 2K20 has arrived, how will it continue to impress?

The answer to that question is to put forward a gameplay experience that has been described as one of the best in the history of video game basketball. Whereas some basketball titles can feature gameplay that feels disjointed on the court, 2K20’s on-court action feels smooth, which leads to less frustration when on the court and a better feeling about the game as a whole.

There will, of course, be times when players bump into each other and lead to unfortunate turnovers. But those sorts of things happen in real-life basketball as well. As long as players are mindful of their court positioning, they are likely to enjoy what this game has going on.

How many microtransactions are too many?

Let’s be honest—microtransactions now are a part of video gaming, for better or for worse. While it would be great to not have to buy expansion packs or DLC (or any of the other add-ons that our favorite games have made the norm), the idea just isn’t going anywhere. But the NBA 2K series relies heavily on microtransactions to the point that players are justified in asking how much is too much.

This practice is especially prevalent in the game’s two most interesting modes: MyPlayer and MyTeam. In both modes, players can spend real money to earn in-game benefits that can make their players and teams better. But given that video games need to be bought as-is, one has to wonder how many of these transactions a player should have to make instead of being able to realistically earn similar rewards through a reasonable amount of gameplay.

More sophisticated controls than ever make the 2K series feel smooth on the court.

How many game modes can one game have?

While the aggressive microtransaction strategy of the MyTeam and MyPlayer modes can be frustrating to some players, the sheer number of game modes that are available in NBA 2K20 make the game exciting no matter what a player’s preferences are.

In the hunt for Virtual Currency, players can take on a new game mode that can show you how to win on Slot machine games and help your team get better in the process. And that somehow isn’t the most creative thing that NBA 2K20 has to offer its players, thanks to the introduction of the WNBA to the game.

The WNBA is one of the top women’s basketball leagues in the world, thanks to all of the talent that American women possess in the sport. And while the WNBA isn’t something that a fan would normally think of when they think of the NBA 2K series, the WNBA is now available for players to enjoy as a part of a separate mode in which teams from that league can square off.

If nothing else, all of the different options that are available in NBA 2K20 speak to just how creative the team at 2K has become in keeping their game as interesting as possible over the years. And while the NBA continues to grow in popularity, this game franchise continues to do the same. Without any real competition for the franchise in the immediate future (thanks to EA Sports’ issues in creating an NBA game), 2K’s hold on the genre will only continue to strengthen.

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