New 2021 updates coming to Rogue Company

New 2021 updates coming to Rogue Company

Hi-Rez Studios announced four new seasons for Rogue Company, featuring new characters, maps, features and content. Next week the company will also be releasing a completely new game mode game called “Wingman”, a 2v2 game mode consisting on quick skirmishes.

The first character or “Rogue”, out of the eight intended to be joining the game in 2021, will be Kestrel, a mercenary precursor of the Rogue Company itself. Her gameplay will seemingly consist of heavy use of drones and explosives, with more information coming soon.

A completely new map known as “The Hollows” will also be releasing soon, being the first of those upcoming throughout the year. It will be a hidden rocket launch facility which will be available for standard matches as well as for a special limited-time mode, where Rogues will have to stop the launch of said rockets.

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