New 2021 updates coming to Paladins

New 2021 updates coming to Paladins

Yesterday Hi-Rez Studios announced lots of incoming updates to Paladins during their Hi-Rez Showcase event. These updates will include a slew of different things, from new champions and maps to visual overhauls. Along these updates, new limited time game modes will are also intended to be released.

The first main update will include the release of the long awaited Yagorath, a front line champion with never seen before mechanics. Shortly after, in the year, another new champion will also be released, in the form of a medium range marksman equipped to deal with the new threat. Besides these two, more undisclosed champions are intended to be released throughout the year.

Other important changes will include updates to several maps: Timber Mill will receive a full rework to even the playing field against long range characters, Stone Keep will get a visual update adjusting the architecture and Jaguar Falls will also receive a rework focusing on materials, textures and lighting.

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