New free live-content details and “How to Hitman” episode for Hitman 2

New free live-content details and “How to Hitman” episode for Hitman 2

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive have released details on the new and upcoming content for Hitman 2.

As of today, new featured contracts created by the community have been added to the game. These contracts all follow a theme, and this time’s theme is “Occupational Hazards”. In addition the these contracts, a new Escalation contract will be made available tomorrow called “The Aelwin Augment” and on the 27th the Escalation contract, The Turms Infatuation will be released, a contract in Santa Fortuna.

On the 21st next week, the new Elusive-Target mission “The Revolutionary” will be unleashed upon the community. This new target will come to Santa Fortuna for 10 days and by completing this mission, you’ll unlock the Casual Tourist suit. More information on this Elusive-Target mission will be released in the upcoming week before it’ll be made available.

Aside of all these new missions, a holiday surprise will be expected to start on the 18th this month. For new players to the Hitman-series or if you want to polish your skills, a new episode of the “How to Hitman” videos will show you how to extract yourself from the sight of your enemies. You can check out the roadmap for the Live-content schedule and the new episode How to Hitman: Hiding in Plain Sight right here on 3rd-Strike to get even better at this assassination game.

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