New PvE group content is coming to Black Desert Online

New PvE group content is coming to Black Desert Online

Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss announced Alter of Blood, a new group PvE experience for Black Desert Online. The new content will launch next week, on the 10th of July to be more specific. Alter of Blood is a new, defensive horde mode, which is playable in groups of three players. The group will need to defend the alter over many rounds, and each round a new boss will spawn as well. The further the group advances, the more difficult their adversaries will be.

All-in-all, there are ten rounds and the new mode can be played by players from level 56 or up. Surviving a round will reward the player with a Forgotten One’s Legacy, which in turn can be exchanged for Gold Bars, Black Stones, Caphras Stones. Players will also get a chance of winning an armored box, which includes gear or various rarities and powers. The further players advance, the better the rewards will be. Popular items such as the Caphras Stones and Advice of Valks can be obtained via Challenge rewards. Failing a round does not necessarily mean you have lost your progress as players can re-challenge failed rounds thanks to the newly added Nightmare’s Fragments. Using Alchemy, these Fragments can be made from forty Black Energy Residue and one Memory Fragment.

The release of Alter of Blood will be celebrated with a special event; for a limited time only, players can participate in the new defensive horde mode for Advice of Valks, a special in-game title and much more. Conquering, or at least trying to conquer, the Alter of Blood will certainly have its perks so be sure to try it.

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