New updates for My Time At Portia

New updates for My Time At Portia

Kickstarter backers might have seen the new updates in My Time At Porta. We were able to preview the game and although it already has a lot of elements, there are a few that were added to the latest build. If you backed this gem, these are some of the things you can expect:

  • A new High Land area to explore
  • A new mission which features a new dungeon and new boss, the Rat King
  • Added benefits for improving your relationships with NPCs. Benefits can include: extra orders from NPCs, discounts at their stores, receiving gifts and extra stats etc.
  • Dr Xu’s clinic, a bakery and a flower shop have been added
  • Four new hairstyles, two for each gender
  • A drawing mini-game is available during dating
  • New quarry spot added near Oaks’
  • Three new fish

There is actually a huge list of new things. If you’re interested in everything that has been added, you can find it here.

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