New weapons and gear for Destiny 2: Forsaken revealed

New weapons and gear for Destiny 2: Forsaken revealed

While we’re waiting for Destiny 2: Forsaken to release on the 4th of September, Bungie released a video showcasing some of the new weapons and gear that the Guardians will need to acquire if they intend to take down Uldren and his Barons.

With these weapons in your possession, the enemies don’t stand a chance at all. The first weapon we’re being teased with is the Two-Tailed Fox which fires two rockets at once. The first armor, the Antaeus Wards, are boots that reflect projectiles if you slide into them. The Trinity Ghoul is a bow that causes electrical storms if you have a precision kill, and in all honesty, it looks spectacular. The Sixth Coyote is the second armor piece which allows the wearer to double dodge.

The next weapon is something so exotic, it fuels our desire to jump into the game when it comes, because really, the Malfeasance looks absolutely stunning and it detonates an explosion if you have 5 hits. The Black Talon is yet another weapon but this time it’s a melee weapon in the form of a projectile sword. If you want to look fierce and scary at the same time, the One Thousand Voices may be the perfect weapon for you. The exploding beam of fire it can burst looks just as fierce.

Being good at precision kinetic kills is a must if you want to wear the Chromatic Fire armor piece as this will cause elemental explosions but nothing comes close to the awesomeness that is the Wish-Ender; a bow that allows you to see through walls and pierce targets. A weapon that is perfect for those who tend to reload after every shot is the Ace of Spades because reloading this gun after a kill will grant the player extra-damage bullets.

Check out the trailer below to see all the weapons and armor in action.

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