Office Freakout – Review
Follow Genre: Action
Developer: Hollow Robot LLC
Publisher: Hollow Robot LLC
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Office Freakout – Review

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Work can bring quite some stress but we all try to do our best. Sometimes this isn’t enough and your boss can’t see your qualities, resulting in being sacked. How we respond on this news differ per person and although it might not be the best reaction, trashing everything certainly is a good way to relieve stress. If you’re looking for a safe way, then you’ll certainly like Office Freakout.



Philbert is a good and loyal employee that has worked his ass off for his bosses but on a certain unfaithful day, his trust and hard work gets rewarded by getting canned. This was the last straw that broke the camel’s back and his rage is unrelenting. What else can he do than to get rid of this bottled stress by smashing his computer, the printer and .. everything else? Don’t worry about the bill afterwards and just go wild with everything you can break or destroy.

There is nothing more to the game storywise and although it would’ve been fun if this was the case, the goal of the game is to have a good time smashing and slicing everything to pieces, while trying to overcome some obstacles.

Office Freakout


The game is played in first-person perspective and since there are a lot of breakable objects, Office Freakout tends to lag a lot on older computers. This can be feasible when the delay isn’t game-breaking, but this isn’t what tend to happen. On the other side, you’re greeted by some colorful environments, which you can all turn into empty spaces as all the rubble you make dissolves into thin air. It would have been nice if at least a bit of the debris was left behind because it’s now quite empty.

Picking up items will also give you the close-range view and these aren’t always well-finished but fun to watch. Who doesn’t want to see donuts fly out of their boxes or the devastation of a paper airplane? The areas you hit, are scarred by some yellow break lines, giving you an indication on how much something is damaged.

Office Freakout


With a violent game comes some more up-tempo music and Office Freakout certainly delivers. You’ll be greeted by some rather energetic tracks, although they are looped quite fast, which takes down the fun. You’ll be wanting it to stop after a while, which never is a very good sign. On the other hand, the sound effects do make a bit up for it. Hearing stuff explode is always quite satisfactory, while swooshing a bat around certainly is quite appealing too. There are quite some other effects as well, that certainly makes everything more appealing.


Office Freakout is an action game where you can smash everything you see to pieces. Of course, there is more to it than that, otherwise might be a tad boring. There are several levels you can tackle, but before you can go to the next floor you need to find the key to open the door for the elevator and this before the clocking time runs out. Before you can actually find this damned key, you must inflict an amount of damage and havoc. Then you get an indicator, showing where it is hidden. This might sound easy, until the security system is added. After causing too much ruckus, these are spawned by the water dispensers and can only be defeated when they’re activated the first time. Of course, you can get hit and eventually die by these safety measurements but you can find food while smashing everything to pieces. Donuts and other foods certainly replenish your life.

Office Freakout

Of course, trashing the place can be done by your fists but the place is filled with suitable objects. Why not smash your computer screen with one of the small cabinets? Or use a magical spellbook to do some frost damage? A lot is possible and some of the items have special properties, like the spellbook or paper airplanes. Damaging your environment will also give you rage points. When you’ve gathered enough, you get into a special mode which triggers some kind of speciality. For instance, you can magically get a special ability or item you have predefined  beforehand which makes destroying everything that more easy.

Clearing a level gives you experience, which unlocks several items and other perks. For instance, you can get other skins for your firsts, while there are also other weapons to use during rage moments. It’s always a good idea to get the most out of a level to get as much experience as possible.

Office Freakout


Office Freakout is a good way to relieve some stress by smashing everything you see around you. The more you smash, the more you can alter Philbert although there are some unforeseen circumstances that might increase the difficulty slightly. The graphics aren’t superb but will do the trick, which can’t really be said by the music. At any rate, you’ll be destroying everything, so who needs music anyway.

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Office Freakout - Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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