PDP Rock Candy Nintendo Switch Controller Super Mario – Hardware Review
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Developer: PDP
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Platform: Switch
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PDP Rock Candy Nintendo Switch Controller Super Mario – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Affordable
Bad: A bit basic for avid gamers
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Not that long ago we took a closer look at PDP’s controller range for Xbox Series X/S and PC. We tried out the beautiful-looking REMATCH Advanced Wired Controller, to then light up our gaming setup with the Afterglow Wave controller. Both devices proved to have similar qualities, but simply offered different designs. Now, we are taking a look at PDP’s offerings for Nintendo’s Switch console. We are going back to basics with the Rock Candy Nintendo Switch Controller, which proved to be a fun investment for children.


For our review, we were given the Super Mario version of the Rock Candy lineup. This model has a nice transparent red color, and there is a beautiful Mario print on the right side of the controller. The buttons are coated in a rather dark blue color, and the D-Pad has a nice white hue. The button layout is the same as it is on the Switch’s Pro Controller, and there are no real additional bells and whistles outside of the obvious aforementioned design elements.


This controller is clearly designed for gamers with smaller hands or children, and thus you’ll immediately notice that the controller itself has a smaller frame. Even so, the overall ergonomic shape allows everyone to still properly use the device, but it’s still most enjoyable if you have smaller hands. Other than that, the controller is light, but not too light, and the buttons provide the user with enough feedback. The triggers feel solid, and the overall build quality is okay. Of course, as this is also a budget-friendly device, you’ll notice the difference when comparing this one to a more premium-priced model. We only found that the sticks could have used a bit more resistance, as these feel a bit too light.

With a 2.5 meters cable, you don’t have to sit too close to your console, but we would have perhaps preferred a 3 meters length cable, like some of PDP’s other controllers. Nonetheless, for most scenarios, the cable length will suffice.


Once again, we are treated to a plug-and-play device that needs no additional setup. You plug in the controller, and you’re good to go. One thing that’s immediately noticeable is that the controller can not turn your Switch console on. You’ll still have to manually turn on the console via its power button before you can start gaming. After that, the console immediately recognizes the input of the Rock Candy controller.

Overall, the controller feels solid and the buttons have a nice ‘click’ to them. We only missed a vibration function for the controller, but other than that, everything feels sturdy and of decent quality. The smooth plastic feels a bit different than the more textured controllers, but it doesn’t affect the grip you have on the controller. The Mario Print also felt as if it would survive a long time, as sometimes controllers like this may lose their printed details rather quickly.

There was no lag on our button input, and this one basically works like a Pro Controller. Of course, you’ll notice the difference in quality, as this product is more intended as a fun additional controller (for kids), rather than a pro gaming device. That being said, for the price you’re paying you’re getting a very decent controller.


We quite enjoyed playing our games with this Super Mario Rock Candy controller, but more in the sense of it being a backup or one for the kids. The controller is comfortable for longer playing sessions, but will probably cater best to gamers with smaller hands. We did miss the vibration function, but this is also reflected in the fact that the controller is extremely budget-friendly. If you’re looking for a fun backup device, or if you want to game with your kids, then this one’s certainly worth looking into.

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PDP Rock Candy Nintendo Switch Controller Super Mario - Hardware Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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