PlayStation Talents 2022 brings us four new cool games soon

PlayStation Talents 2022 brings us four new cool games soon

PlayStation Talents is a Spanish program from PlayStation to let indie developers create games for the PS4 and PS5. They are often (by indie dev standards) ambitious projects, and PlayStation backing them can make dreams and projects come true. For 2022, there have been four new games announced for the roster. Here’s what they are named and what you can expect:

Dark Life: Excalibur by Zero Studios

In Dark Life: Excalibur we follow Aron on a vengeful quest to kill York, Lord of the Giants. This is a third-person open-world action game where you need to kill enemies and mini-bosses towards the ultimate boss. By slaughtering them all you get points to allocate to your weapon, upgrading Excalibur to the ultimate weapon.

Neon Blood by ChaoticBrain Studios

In Neon Blood, we follow a detective in a dystopian cyberpunk world. After WW3, a detective takes life into his own hands by making moves sparking a revolution against a corrupt government, Will he end the duality between the rich Bright City and the run-down Blind City?

Slaughter No Hit by Rebel Crew

Slaughter No Hit is looking incredibly dope as it is bursting from its seams with an original story and graphics. This top-down action game with RPG elements wants to bring out the perfectionist in you. Join a former butcher and his grumpy apron on a trippy adventure after he dies, doing everything he can to not get condemned to hell for eternity.

The Silent Swan by Studio Circenses

Where indie games are, there is always one more poetic walking simulator, and in this case, that’s The Silent Swan. Join the player on a narrative explorative path as giant structures dawn in front of you, holding mysteries to unveil.

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