Pretty Girls Speed – Review
Follow Genre: Arcade
Developer: Zoo Corporation
Publisher: Zoo Corporation, EastAsiaSoft
Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Switch
Tested on: Switch

Pretty Girls Speed – Review

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Good: Touchscreen controls, Simple fun
Bad: No content, No multiplayer modes, Useless theme
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It’s not that often when a game pretty much tells you what to expect by reading the title alone. While Pretty Girls Speed could also mean that you’re doing drugs at a party with pretty girls, it’s actually all about playing the card game ‘Speed’ against pretty girls. In this title, you’ll just go through different stages playing Speed, while getting treated to some nice busty anime ladies in the background. While we enjoyed playing this card game via touchscreen controls, the game itself doesn’t have that much content. Even though we had a bit of fun with this title; the theme, as well as some mechanics, felt a bit too basic.


If you’re thinking a card game with busty ladies will have a deep and engaging storyline, we can easily state this game isn’t for you. The game pretty much only has two modes, one in which you play in a best out of three format with increasingly harder opponents, and one will have you play single matches where the difficulty gets ramped up gradually. This is all there is to the game, and that’s perfectly fine.


After reviewing Seven Pirates H, another title that has been published by EastAsiaSoft, we were expecting a lot of fanservice when diving into this game. This, however, proved to be a wrong assumption, as the pretty girls in this title are actually presented in a fairly modest way. Sure, we’re once again getting voluptuous ladies, but with a lot less explicit imageries. That being said, the overall presentation is very simplistically handled. We get to see very static backdrops that incorporate the girls you’re battling against, and a very simple part where the cards are represented. Other than that, there is not a lot more to say.


The sound design is okay, but it’s nothing to truly write home about. The background music is serviceable, but you could easily just listen to the radio or any other music you enjoy better. We did find the weird moan-like sounds coming from your opponents quite awkward because they just feel out of place. Of course, some players may get a rise out of this, but it’s not really contributing to the overall atmosphere of playing a card game against pretty girls.


Pretty Girls Speed revolves solely around playing the Speed card game. In this card game, each of the two players (you vs the AI) gets a stack of cards, of which five cards are always laid out in front of each player. In the middle, you’ll have two cards, on which you’ll have to build stacks. You can only place cards from the five cards in front of you, and these cards can only be one value higher or lower than the cards in the middle. When you place a card, a new card from your stack gets laid out in front of you. It is your goal to get rid of all the cards in your stack before your opponent does. The game is pretty straightforward with only two different modes to play through. In the Battle Mode, you’ll do your best to win matches in a best out of three format, and the difficulty ramps up quite quickly here. In the Challenge Mode, you’ll play single matches, and here the increase in difficulty feels a lot more natural.

In all honesty, we had quite a bit of fun playing the game in handheld mode, which then allowed us to use the touchscreen controls. This is what truly elevated the gameplay, and it made the harder levels beatable. When playing with the controller, it didn’t feel right, and it was also a bit of a hassle to always use button shortcuts to actually place the card(s) you wanted. We do have to say that the touchscreen controls weren’t always responsive in the actual menus, especially in the Challenge Mode menu. More than often we’d be pressing the level we wanted to play, only for the game to be unresponsive, forcing us to select the desired level via the traditional controls. Sadly, the game also doesn’t feature a multiplayer mode, which feels like a missed opportunity.


Pretty Girls Speed is entertaining to play in short bursts via the touchscreen controls, but it ends up being an extremely simple game. We understand the developer’s idea of using the pretty girls’ theme to create a buzz surrounding the title, but sadly, the theme doesn’t even feel very fleshed out. All in all, we found a fun and simplistic card game underneath the busty facade of Pretty Girls Speed, and it did have the right foundation to become something amusing. Sadly, due to the lack of a multiplayer feature and an actual goal to work towards, the game ends up becoming bland rather quickly.

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Pretty Girls Speed - Review, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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