Seven Pirates H – Review
Follow Genre: JRPG
Developer: Felistella, Idea Factory
Publisher: Compile Heart, EastAsiaSoft
Platform: Switch
Tested on: Switch

Seven Pirates H – Review

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Over the years, our site has featured many games that were loaded with heavy fanservice. This was very clearly seen in the Senran Kagura games, but also in both Criminal Girls games and Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkuni-. The very busty characters of these games were always up for a fight, and oddly enough, most of these games were actually quite interesting when looking at the gameplay and not the heavy front. Now, another title has made it to the west starring very busty pirate girls. With a mechanic called Booby Training, it is sure to raise a few eyebrows. While this game may be entertaining, we do not recommend playing this one during your daily commute.


Seven Pirates H tells the story of the human pirate Parute, who believes she is destined to become the greatest pirate the world has ever seen. Even though things weren’t going too swimmingly, she was determined to find wonderous treasures beyond the horizon. This was the case until she literally crashed into Otton, a perverted talking seal with a bikini top as an eye patch, who promises her even greater things. Otton claims to be a master of Booby Training, and he states he can help Parute to unlock her potential as a pirate. What soon ensues are many sexual innuendos and adventures that include a cast of scantily clad monster girls. The game’s plot works quite well, and the lighthearted nature of the story and dialogues is actually quite pleasant. Just don’t go in expecting a serious story, as you’ll be sorely disappointed.


Considering this game was originally released on the PS Vita, it’s actually still quite a good-looking title. We’re not just saying this because of the many busty girls that are prominently featured throughout the game, but simply because of the monster designs, the overall character designs, the backdrops, and the very colorful menus. Of course, with the fairly limited capabilities of the Switch, you’ll still get a fairly rough-around-the-edges experience for the most part. We did enjoy exploring the different environments, but we would have liked to have a bit more clutter in them. Currently, the different areas in the game merely have monsters roaming around, as well as a few treasure chests you can loot. Other items you can interact with are merely represented by a small sparkling light on the floor.


The sound design is actually very good. The game features a lot of voiced dialogues, and these are delivered in a typical overacted fashion, which is common for games such as this. The cast does a formidable job bringing the over-the-top story to life. We enjoyed the original Japanese voice cast, but it would have been quite nice if this new port would have received an English dub to add some extra value. The background music is also quite good, with enough variation. The sound effects were generic but sufficed for the action onscreen.


Behind the busty facade, you’ll find a very typical JRPG experience. The game will have you play through small dungeons, battling enemies in a classic turn-based format, while collecting items and leveling up your characters. The offset is extremely simple. You’ll explore the world around you, which is divided into small dungeon-like areas. The more you explore and complete quests, the more new locations will be unlocked. Your party will consist of several voluptuous ladies, who each have their strengths and weaknesses. The overall combat system is reminiscent of the older Pokémon games, where certain types of characters deal more damage to others. In Seven Pirates H there are only three types: Red, Blue, and Green. Red is strong versus Green, Green is strong versus Blue, and Blue is strong against Red.

As stated above, the game’s mechanics are fairly straightforward. Combat is presented in a turn-based format, which means characters take turns to attack, use items, defend, and so on. Using skills costs MP, but the MP meter only charges after attacking or being attacked. When this meter is full, your character will become ‘aroused’ and they can then perform a very strong attack. This attack comes at a cost, however, as it will take longer before that character can attack again. Leveling up stats goes via the ‘Booby Training’ mechanic, which is probably the most awkward part of the game. To let your characters become stronger, you’ll have to basically fondle their breasts when you find a training extract. You can perform different motions with your controller’s sticks or via the Switch’s touchscreen. These different motions will influence different stats. Other than that, you can craft basic gear (bikinis) for your warriors.


Seven Pirates H will obviously attract a certain crowd, but, all in all, this is actually a fairly enjoyable pocket-sized JRPG. The game is fairly straightforward, it does have a likable cast of characters, and it has decent gameplay mechanics. While many may find the Booby Training mechanics a bit too much, it’s a certain thing you either like or not. It would have perhaps been interesting for a more moderate audience to have the option to turn this mechanic off, and instead have a more traditional way of leveling up stats. That being said, the game’s shtick works to a certain extent, and we did enjoy that there was more than just the voluptuous ladies that are prominently shown throughout the game. If you like heavy fanservice and tried-and-true JRPG mechanics, you will probably end up enjoying this one.

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Seven Pirates H - Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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