Primordials: Battle of Gods Now Available as Free-to-Play


Back in February, Wiregames and GD Entertainment announced the release of the new title Primordials: Battle of Gods. The game already had an early release with the original title being Primordials of Amyrion. Today marks the day where Wiregames and GD Entertainment announce that the game will be available on both the Steam and Epic Games stores as Free-to-Play.

Key features:

  • Battle for control of the realm without the tedium of dictation. It’s macro over micro.
  • Upgrade Primordials, champions, minions, and towers to directly counter an opponent’s army.
  • Test your mettle in 1v1 duels. No teammates can steal glory or bring your great name to shame.
  • Unleash devastating activatable abilities in support of valiant minions marching into a brutal war of attrition.
  • Spend resources early and go for the killing blow, or build up an economy in an effort to overwhelm the long-game.
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