Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shifting Tides event

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shifting Tides event

Ubisoft really cares for its users and that is why they try to do fun events for the press so we can give the gamers a good opinion and view about upcoming and new content. During our last hands-on opportunity we had the chance to try out Kali and Wamai, the new operators, which are part of year four’s season pass. In Ember Rise the defenders the defenders received a serious buff, this time the attackers are the ones that see an increase in power. Next to two new operators, we also see a balancing in limb penetration, a reworked map and further discount for older operators.

The most important thing everybody awaits is the new team of operators. Kali is the Indian attacker that utilizes the CSRX 300 bolt-action sniper rifle that is equipped with an under-barrel LV Explosive Lance that destroys objects and hurts operators on both sides of normal and reinforced walls. Her sniper rifle has such a high caliber that it can penetrate multiple layers of soft walls, destroy hatches, barricades and can shoot through multiple people at once. It is so overpowered that hitting your opponent anywhere means downing them instantly, except for headshots, which naturally mean certain death. Combining Kali with Glaz for a double sniper team seems like a good combination as defenders will really want to keep their heads down for this versatile attacker.

On the defending side, we have Wamai, this Kenyan warrior is one that took inspiration from Jäger when it comes to utility. Just like Kaid is the more mobile version of Bandit, Wamai has a more versatile approach to denying attacking gadgets. His Mag-NET system will pull incoming projectiles such as grenades, smokes, stuns, Capitão his bolts and Gridlock her Trax system. He can place his Mag-NETS wherever he pleases and while Jäger his gadget will destroy incoming items, Wamai his magnets will only pull them towards the place and let them deploy. This could mean some interesting interactions such as flash grenades exploding in attackers their faces or diverting explosions in your advantage to create murder holes.

Operation Shifting Tides introduces the reworked Theme Park map which sadly removed the train wagon partition in favor of a more cultural approach for the Asian setting. East and West have been moved closer together and the main entrance has been swapped out for the Gong entrance and closing off arcade entrance.

This update also implemented improved limb penetration. In the past, when you flashed someone and they put their hand in front of their face, this wouldn’t count as a headshot, but now the bullet flies through and kills the opponent. Last but not least, those that don’t own a season pass and rather purchase operators separately will be glad to hear that the following operators will drop in price: Hibana, Echo, Dokkaebi, Vigil, Zofia, Nomad, and Kaid.


Ubisoft keeps the gamers warm with their great schedule of releasing new operators and either adding a new map or reworking old ones. On one side it is kind of sad that ideas get recycled a lot, yet these reworks have always proven to be at least pretty interesting and for the good of the players. Kali and Wamai both have some interesting things to bring to the table and as the Theme Park map gets reworked, players must step up their game and learn new ways to become superior on the map. While Siege was intended to be very realistic in the beginning, the new gadgets stray further and further from the roots. The idea that Siege will have 100 operators eventually means that this game will see many more season updates and year passes.

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