Stella Glow coming to Europe in March 2016

Stella Glow coming to Europe in March 2016

The strategy RPG, Stella Glow, is coming to Europe. The release is planned for 11 March, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS handheld console featuring a solid strategy gameplay with plenty of brawls.

Stella Glow’s protagonist, Alto, is the best hunter in his small village. One day he finds himself listening to a song that is coming deep from within the forest. As music has been absent for thousands of years, Alto decides to investigate this mysterious tune and stumbles upon Hilda. The latter reveals herself as the Witch of Destruction, who wants to ‘save’ the world by destroying all human life. Alto’s hometown and its inhabitants are striked first but Alto and his childhood friend Lisette are rescued by the Regnant Knights at the very last second. Once in the safety of the kingdom’s capital, the two join the vaunted 9th Regiment and hunt for Witches to ally with in order to stop Hilda’s devastating magic.

The key features of Stella Glow is most definitely the songs sung by famous voice actors as well as solid strategy gameplay. All-in-all the game features 40 to 60 hours of story and side-quest content, with multiple endings.

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