Stephane Cornicard voicing main character in Bohemian Killing

Stephane Cornicard voicing main character in Bohemian Killing

IQ Publishing, the publisher of Bohemian Killing, has revealed some details on the voice acting cast in the English version of its upcoming title.

The main character of the game is played and dubbed by a world-class film and voice actor, Stephane Cornicard.

Stephane Cornicard studied in France, at the prestigious Colby College in the US, and at Goldsmith College in the UK. He played in numerous blockbusters such as Spectre, the most recent Bond film, or Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. His career as a voice actor is no less impressive and includes Syphon Filter, Primal, Metal Gear Solid, and the Dragon Age and Total War series. He currently teaches drama at the Actor’s Centre in London.

Bohemian Killing

Stephane Cornicard masterfully plays Alfred Ethon, a young inventor of Gypsy origins. Thanks to his perseverance and visionary ideas, Ethon has become a symbol of modern France in the late 19th century: still struggling with the aftermath of La Révolution, ridden with ever increasing social inequality, awaiting the Paris Commune.

The player meets Alfred at a critical and life-changing moment, committing a murder. Soon after that the player takes control not only over the accused inventor, but also over the course of a crime investigation before a French court. Will you manage to get yourself acquitted or will you be sent to the guillotine?

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