Strife: Veteran Edition (Switch) – Review
Follow Genre: Action, FPS, RPG
Developer: Rogue Entertainment
Publisher: Night Dive Studios
Platforms: PC, Switch
Tested on: Switch

Strife: Veteran Edition (Switch) – Review

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In 1996 the original Strife got released on the PC and this innovative FPS-RPG game with stealth elements brought something unseen to the action-packed FPS genre. In 2014 Nightdive Studios had already created the remade version of this game for the PC that we reviewed. Now six years later, we get this version ported over to the Switch. If you love classic FPS games and want to play them on the go, then it is really interesting to check out Strife: Veteran Edition.


Everything was just fine in the world when suddenly a comet impact shook the world, releasing a deadly virus among the masses. The first ones to die were the lucky ones, others mutated and began hearing voices in their head. These affected humans formed an evil organization called ‘The Order’ and they want to wipe all non-believers from the face of the earth. You are just a simple person that got stuck somewhere at the wrong place at the wrong time. You get recruited by the resistance to stop The Order and find out what happened to the world that you live in.

The story develops really nicely and, for a classic FPS game, there are a lot of story elements present and the way it is brought to the player motivates to press on. Many interactions are fully voiced and other parts will get narrated when needed.


The game just looks, feels and plays like it has been made in 1996, yet the graphics seem updated to look great while playing on modern screens. The visuals feel like a time capsule and if you are familiar with these games, then you will notice that next to the classic approach, there are also a few welcome upgrades like bullet holes and blood splatters all over the place. Strife also runs buttery smooth on the Switch, ensuring high-quality action gameplay without stutters or input lag.


Like the graphics, the sound is equally classic. MIDI music will blast through your speakers while you run and gun your way out of sticky situations. The music will change accordingly to match the different areas, making some areas really unsettling, which heightens the atmosphere. We have to be honest, while some tunes create said atmosphere, the game isn’t really that dark. If you have experience with playing older games, then you will feel nostalgic for those days while playing Strife. The music and sounds really sound like they have been created in 1996 and are updated to fit the modern platform.


Strife is a First Person Shooter that uses various RPG elements to bring the player an experience that was truly unique back in 1996. The game starts with the protagonist finding himself at the wrong place at the wrong time. After defeating your captors, you will meet a character that will recruit you into the resistance. Immediately you will notice that this game has voiced characters and interactions where you can choose what to answer, just like in an RPG. After a few missions, you become a full-fledged member that will play a bigger role in the story. The game will combine elements of stealth, so guns’ blazing is not always the option. Sometimes you will have to talk to the right person to get the right key and are able to sneak your way through sticky situations. This is especially important for higher difficulties, when playing on easy you can just mow everything down without much problem.

Next to your basic weapons, you will also be able to have inventory items such as healing kits, money and combat assists. In the town, you will find various supply shops that offer services and items for sale that will aid you in your quest. With the game being a mix of medieval and sci-fi, you will have a special range of weapons, from crossbows to machine guns and rocket launchers. The enemies are also a mix of humans, robots and cyborgs.

Controlling the game goes really well on the Switch; from stealth to intense gun battles, it all feels well made. Normally you would play this game with a mouse and keyboard, yet even playing this game with the normal Switch controllers just feels right. There are a few assists in place that will make your life easier, such as a small aim assist, so you don’t need pixel-perfect accuracy. This in combination with easy button layout and responsive controls will make each encounter in Strife a blast.

Because the game uses RPG elements, you will have to talk to many characters and not aimlessly kill everyone that you encounter. It could make missions a lot harder or just reset your progress altogether. Some characters will only say things once, so pay attention to conversations and say the right things because some of The Order have an itchy trigger finger. Character progression is also great; you will receive health and accuracy bonuses when progressing through the story, so the next encounters will be more doable.


Strife: Veteran Edition is a great game if you long for the old days. The perfect blend between the classic graphics and MIDI music, which have been slightly modernized to fit the current platform, will allow you to experience the game in its full glory. Thanks to the RPG elements, you will have a lot of interaction between the characters. Also your input counts as you can do the mission at hand stealthily or do you just mow down The Order. The elaborate story sucks you in and will have you playing without making the game feeling repetitive or boring. Play the game at home on your large TV or enjoy it on the go thanks to its responsive controls and assists that make the game slightly easier for console gamers.

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Rating: 9.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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Strife: Veteran Edition (Switch) – Review, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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