Super Adventure Hand – Review
Follow Genres: Platform, Indie, Adventure
Developer: Devm Games
Publisher: Devm Games
Platforms: PC, Switch
Tested on: Switch

Super Adventure Hand – Review

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Good: Funny gimmicks, Replayable, Upbeat music
Bad: Repetitive actions, Leaves you wanting for more, Rushed ending of the game
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Do you want a game where everything comes in handy? Or are you looking for a handful of levels? Maybe you just like the aesthetics of a handsome main character who isn’t afraid of getting his hand dirty. If you know platform games like you know the back of your hands, this game is just for you. We also got our hands on this game and it has been quite the adventure. It’s an adventure game with a hands-on view. No worries, we will stop with the puns and dive right into it.


This game is straightforward and you can’t miss the main goal of it. You are a retired glove-model and your best friend Arm, is walking with you in the forest for a nice and lovely walk. But beware, for the Feets are jealous and will ambush you to steal Arm away. So like Mario, you find yourself in search of Arm, through a series of challenging levels and physics-based puzzles. Your goal is to reach every end of the puzzle and grab the mug, at the end. Like a Portkey from the magical world of Harry Potter, it will transport you to the next level. 

The story itself is somewhat of a light comedy. The cartoony look and the ease of understanding the scenes without even a narration make it a friendly and nice experience to explore. As we said before, the game is straightforward to enjoy. Maybe a dialogue with a narrator, like they did in Deadpool: The Game, could lift the experience to a new level, but that is just a minor detail.


The graphics in this game are good but a little weird when you look closer. We just adore the smooth movements of the hand and everything looks so crisp in the details. The weird parts of the graphics are mostly based on the facts that some fingers don’t bend a certain way or the gummy feeling that lingers on when you’re holding on for dear life, at a rock. Whenever we let out a sigh of relief every time we managed to save our life by grappling a rock, our in-game fingers went all Jell-O on us. It kind of creeped us out for a while. Eventually, however, it grew on us.

But let us focus on the other Thing. Yes, the hand gave us Addams Family-vibes and once you’re in that mindset, you can’t unsee it. Though the graphics of the levels are stunning, don’t expect it to be all 4K and whatnot. It’s nice and it offers a cozy view of the route that you will have to take to get to the end. The only downside of these graphics is when you have played all the levels, the decor seems repetitive. Especially when it comes to the props that are scattered around. Luckily for us, we didn’t notice it that hard since Thing was so satisfying to play with. It feels strange to say but playing the game makes it seem that the hand is filled with excitement. It feels like it wants you to play with it and before you know it, you get carried away with it.


The sound is nothing but fitting to this game. If you’re walking around, flicking a loose box and even defeating those nasty Feet, the sounds are wonderful. You hear every sound crystal clear. It pulls you into the game to create an even more immersive experience. The tunes are quirky and upbeat and make the game fun to replay multiple times. There’s not a song or track that stands out, but that doesn’t matter at all. It’s there and that is just fine.


Super Adventure Hand is a 3D platformer that lets you control a disembodied hand on a quest to retrieve Arm from the malevolent Feet. The game offers physics-based gameplay with various levels, puzzles, and obstacles.

This game is created for everyone who likes adventurous games. Most levels are filled to the brim with puzzles, clever gimmicks, and yes, Feet. Your journey through the levels mostly consists of jumping, crawling, grabbing, and flicking objects. Mostly these puzzles often revolve around simple things. Grab the key, jump to the keyhole, and twist it to unlock your way to the mug. But beware of the gimmicks that are in plain sight. You can ride a skateboard, drive a toy car, and do more fun stuff. These extras present you with new ways of completing the levels. We encountered a lot of fun gimmicks throughout the game’s fifty levels. We have found ourselves repeating several of these levels, just to make the most of it. But don’t be mistaken; even though it seems fun, some puzzles do test your hand-eye coordination and creativity.

Another fun gimmick that brings the game to another level is the possibility of creating your custom hand. From changing the colors of your skin or wearing a watch to rings and cosmetics… the fun just doesn’t stop with the customization. Trust us, when you see all the funny stuff you can do or wear, you’re set to replay all the levels just to collect every trinket in the game.


We had an absolute blast playing through the whimsical levels of Super Adventure Hand. We can only recommend this game for when you’re hungry for a new adventure filled to the brim with puzzles and platforming segments. The game is ideal to play at home but also on the go. It’s whimsical, charming, and just so good old-fashioned fun. It’s an amazing journey full of humor, and it leaves you wanting more. You will enjoy every single minute of it.

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