Tesoro Kuven – Hardware Review
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Developer: Tesoro
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Tesoro Kuven – Hardware Review

Good: Original design, Decent price
Bad: Feels different than most other headsets
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It’s been a while since we’ve discussed a bulky headset like the Thrustmaster Y250 or the CM Storm Sonuz. Whilst Thrustmaster’s Headset still reigns supreme as the pilot’s helmet. Today we might have a competitor, namely the Tesoro Kuven, which coincidently falls in the same price category.


It’s easy to say that the design of this headset is like no other, that have appeared on the website. The ear pads have a rectangular shape, there are metal touches on the exterior of the headset, a rubber finish on the headband and so on. It’s refreshing to see the headset market also offers us other designs than the most commonly picked ones. In the end it will still be a matter of personal preference when going for the look that suits you best. Tesoro does its best to create an own style and perhaps even gain some ‘believers’ in the process.

Bulky as it may be – the weight of the Kuven is somewhere in between the lighter model and Cooler Master’s Sonuz. This means it will be ideal for those who are not sure which category to pick, or those who like it ‘both ways’. (Yes, a pun.)

Comfort wise the Kuven provides a tighter fit than most other headsets, but this may not be a bad thing, seeing it’s bigger than most, you want it to stay where it is. The leathery padding on the ear pieces feels pleasant and blocks background noise for the most part, which is great when you want no distractions. Again this is a matter of personal taste. The adjustable headband itself has plenty of padding as well, which might feel a tad too thick for some, but it never gets annoying after longer gaming sessions. You will just notice it being there, more than others.

Hooking up the Kuven is fairly simple seeing it gives you the option to choose between the standard 3.5mm jacks or a USB connection. The converter for the two plugs is included in the box and might be a simple gesture, but a well appreciated one. In the end it’s a matter of plug and play.


Even though the price is nearly the same as the Y250, the incorporated control mechanism will only offer you fairly basic options like turning the microphone on or off and volume adjustment. Of course not much more is needed for a quality experience, but having some extra options is always a nice bonus.

Sound wise the Tesoro Kuven offers a decent experience when it comes to pure sound, higher tones and overall voice quality, which is pretty much all you’ll need to have an enjoyable gaming experience. Sadly the bass sounds were a bit dampened compared to other models. This might be due to the fact that the control mechanism does not offer a bass adjuster. (Of course you can arrange all kinds of settings with the control panel and other programs.)

The microphone on the Kuven is fairly bulky but suits the design of the headset fairly well. The middle part of the microphone is made out of a bendable substance to slightly adjust it to your own liking. Sadly, it’s a none removable microphone.

One last issue with the Kuven is that the length of the standard cable is fairly short. Most of the time this will not cause a problem, but it restricts movement quite a bit, when not having the extension cord plugged in.


Own opinion

The design of the Kuven was a well appreciated change from all of the look-a-likes on the market. Especially the different shape of ear pads was a fun change, but the metallic finish of the logo is probably the nicest looking finish on the headset. The logo already looks quite ‘badass’ and the way the designers incorporated it makes it look that much better.

Comfort wise there were no real issues, but after being used to headsets that were designed differently or simply have another build, it takes a short time getting used to.

It seems most brands are suddenly opting for microphones that have a shorter reach and honestly this often gives me the feeling that I’m not speaking inside the microphone piece. The Kuven also opted for such a microphone. It would have been nice to have the option to adjust it a tad more, but in the end it might just be me who can’t adjust to new trends.


The Kuven finds itself in a middle classed price range and does not perform bad either. The sound quality is decent and comfort is no issue either. If you’re looking for a headset that might just be a tad different than most mainstream ones, the Kuven might be one to look up.

Note: Click here for a full list of specs.

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Tesoro Kuven - Hardware Review, 9.6 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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