Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 – Hardware Review
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Developer: Turtle Beach
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Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 – Hardware Review

Good: Light, Easy to use
Bad: A bit more flimsy than most
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After a lot of accessory reviews we figured it was time for a few hardware reviews again. Our last headset was the TESORO KUVEN 7.1, which was a sturdy and fairly decent headset. This time we’re able to offer your our opinion about the much lighter Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22.


The PX22 finds itself right below the middle price range but still offers you some good looking features. The ear pads are finished with a blue ‘grill’ on the outside, which make sure the headset does not look bland and boring and the top leather-ish finish is also a show that some effort was put in the overall design of the headset. Another fun touch is the Turtle Beach logo inside of the ear pads.
Sadly, this does not take away the overall flimsy appearance and the horrible foam cover around the microphone the headset has to offer. Compared to many of the current, sturdy, models on the market it will look a tad less finished in design.

When it comes to overall weight the PX22 is a delight compared to some of the heavier models on the market. Whilst in the end it’s a matter of personal preference, no one will experience a bother after using the headset for longer periods of time.
You’ll have enough padding in the ear pads to add up to the overall comfort of the headset and the padding in the headband might be slightly less than most headsets, but it’s still enough to ensure comfortable gaming sessions.

As usual, the ear pads will cover your ears entirely but they will not block out all of the noise around you. Again this is matter of personal taste, but in the end it should not become a bother. The PX22 will not grip your ears as tightly as a lot of other headset. This might prove a fun feature for those who easily experience discomfort when having a headset that fits to tightly.

px22 1

Multi-platform is the keyword for the PX22 and given the price it offers a decent amount more than other more expensive headsets. Like with other multi-platform models you’ll get the extra cables which you’ll need to hook up the headset to your consoles. (PS4 might be supported with a patch and Xbox One is not supported!) The Xbox 360 will need a little more effort in getting it to work, but all of the necessary steps are fairly easy to figure out. Leaving the ‘excess’ cables when you want to switch back to your PC, will cause no problems afterwards.

When only using the standard jack, you can also connect the headset to other devices such as your PS Vita, mobile devices and so on.

Connecting the PX22 to your pc is done by either connecting the standard jack to your audio port, when you decide to use the headset without the actual control mechanism. When you connect the extra control device, you’ll have to connect the headset to your pc through USB (the extra jack is mainly for console purposes).

The control mechanism offers a decent amount of options for you to mess around with. As expected you’ll be able to control the volume settings for your microphone and overall sound. Outside of that you are able to adjust the treble and bass settings. The PX22 also comes with a switch that has a few standard settings, to mute your mic, to set it on call setting or to adjust the microphone settings.

When it comes to the overall sound quality, the PX22 is a decent competitor for most other headsets in the price range. You’ll be able to enjoy clear music and proper voice settings. Sadly, the overall bass sounds are quite soft compared to other headset that have bass adjustment options.

A flexible microphone is something the PX22 has to offer. You’ll be able to bend the microphone at whatever angle you prefer. The microphone is not removable.

px22 2

Own opinion

Whilst the overall first impression presented me with a fairly flimsy headset, it did not get in the way of the overall comfort the PX22 has to offer. You’ll be able to enjoy the headset for longer periods of time, even with the limited amount of padding in the top headband. That being said, I can imagine some of you will look for a tad more padding than the PX22 has.

It’s getting more and more common that multi-platform headsets are getting easier to use. The PX22 was pretty much plug and play. Connecting to consoles the first time might be a bit tricky, but if you follow all the instructions, you should have no issues whatsoever.

The microphone’s flexibility might be a simple feature, but it actually proves to be a delight when you wish to adjust the angle. It’s a very light microphone, but it stays in the shape you fold it.

Testing the bass settings on the PX22 proved to be harder than expected. Well, in short – either the bass and treble settings hardly do anything when adjusted, or these switches were simply dead on arrival, which in both cases don’t give the best impression.

px22 3


The Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 proves to be a lightweight that has a lot of decent options. You’ll be able to use the headset for a variety of platforms for an affordable price. If you happen to like a headset that is a bit lighter than a lot of other models on the market, this one might be worth looking into.

Note: For a full list of specs, click here.

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Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 - Hardware Review, 3.4 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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