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With 2013 behind us, it’s always fun to look back at what game titles that gave us fun during the year. It’s only natural, that as a reviewer we have games that we enjoy more than others, even though some might not get the highest grades because of several flaws in the gameplay, graphics and so on.

Keep in mind, this article is about the games that gave me the most fun during 2013. Of course there are other great titles which I loved and that also scored as high or even higher on the website, but these were the games that I spend the most time with, or that left a certain impression. Sadly I did not have the chance to try out all the great titles the past year threw at us.

10. Hot Wheels: World’s Best Driver


The addition of this game to the top 10 is more a statement that this game is so horrible it proved to be amusing. Amusing as in, seeing other people struggle their way through the levels. Whilst the concept is fun, the implementation and execution of everything is so bad, it will actually prove to be fun when completing challenges in the game – or even do some attempts at breaking world records.

9. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark arisen


In essence this game is pretty much the original game with a fairly large chapter/area added to it. Nonetheless, this was a great move to keep the game alive. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is an action game with a decent amount of RPG elements added to it, as well as a lot of freedom and great looking monsters.

Whilst the overall gameplay is quite easy to get the hang of, the difficulty of the game is one to get used to. Your enemies are not that easy to slay, which makes this a quite challenging game.

8. Diablo III (console)


This game had already seen the light in 2012 but it only reached the consoles a year later. Whilst many people thought it would be a mere port, the console version proved to better than the PC version in many different facets.

Diablo III, a game that took a different approach than its predecessors by adding influences of games like World of Warcraft, lured a lot of people to the game but may have disappointed some of the original fans. Perhaps not at the beginning, but late game. The console version shows us the true potential of Diablo III.

Being able to play offline as well as with friends on one console was something the fans loved and is probably one of the main selling points of the console version. Whilst playing locally with friends has a decent amount of flaws, concerning the overall flow of the game, there is nothing more fun than being able to send Diablo back to the pits of hell with friends around you.

7. Bioshock Infinite


A great extra chapter in the Bioshock universe, even though it proved to be very different than its predecessors. The environment was not a  familiar one as in the first 2 parts of the game, but it proved to have an authentic Bioshock feel to it.

The story value proved to be supreme and cancelled out the small flaws the overall gameplay had. Whilst the developers took a risk by leaving the familiar and popular theme of the original games, they succeeded in creating yet another great game that eventually earned a perfect score on the site.

Even now the game is still supported with extra content that’s on par with the original game.

6. Papers, please


An original ‘wink’ to mother Russia when communism still reigned with an iron fist. Your job is to man the local customs station of Arstotzka and check all the visitors that wish to enter the country. Whilst this idea may not be the most appealing one, this game proved to be one of the best games 2013 had to offer.

The game is that much more than a simple simulation game and offers a lot more content than you’d expect. Every choice in the game has its consequences and this will influence the quality of life for you and your family. Will you fight for the rights of the people, turn out to be corrupt or be a model citizen?

Glory to Arstotzka!

5. Skylanders: Swap Force


This might really be a ‘personal’ favorite seeing a lot of older gamers might not share the same love for these small figurines as I do. Since the release of the first Skylanders’ game, the collectability of the figurines has reminded me of something along the lines of collecting Pokémon.

Whilst the game may be a simple adventure game, Skylanders: Swap Force offers a lot of content that will keep one occupied for hours. The introduction of the new Swap Force figurines offers the player some sort of customization when it comes to creating your own fun character.

Interchangeability between different platforms might be a thing of the future thanks to the revival of Spyro, even though he was just a name to boost the series.

The levels have been increased compared to the first two games and the franchise is moving to become one to be remembered in the adventure, platforming genre.

I reckon most of you will find me crazy to put this game so high in my personal top 10, or even in it at all. Truth be told, I enjoy the games because even though the game is a money cow (figurines), I love collecting them, and the games are a lot of fun when playing them with a friend.

4. Gears of War: Judgment


Even though the ‘main series’ of the Gears of Wars trilogy has ended, this spin-off proved to be a game on par with the other ones. The game takes you back to the times when Marcus was still locked up and thus you play as Baird instead of Marcus.

The gameplay remains true to the other games and is no mere spin-off to the main series. Even though there are no real giant improvements the game is still worth to be played by xbox owners who are in to the genre.

3. Resident Evil: Revelations (console)


Resident Evil: Revelations is a game that was already available on the 3DS earlier and was originally intended to become a 3DS exclusive only. After the success of the game, CAPCOM decided to create a port for the consoles and PC.

Ports often mean a reduction of quality compared to the original title, but it was clear that the developers did their best to update the game where needed and give it a new look.

Gameplay wise the game proved to be a great console title and it took the franchise a bit closer to its original roots.

2. Pokémon X/Y


Having mentioned the Pokémon game earlier in this post it would be quite awkward not to include the latest installment in this top 10.

Pokémon X/Y turned out to be the game that Pokémon fans of every generation were anticipating. The game essentially is a homage to the original games as well as the later generations. The story stands out compared to the other Pokémon titles. The new style scheme is a great reboot to bring the franchise along with the new generation of handhelds and the introduction of a faster gaming pace turned out to be a great upgrade as well.

Whilst the game had less end game content as its predecessors on the DS, X/Y pleased the Pokémon fans and shows us that these little adorable critters are not forgotten just yet.

Personally I haven’t been this pumped for a Pokémon game, since the original Bue & Red version hit the shelves in Europe. The original games have left such a great impression and the new version kind of recreated that feeling.

1. The Cave


One of the moments that SEGA shows us they are still making games that are simply worth it. The cave is a puzzle – platforming game that tells us a tale of what lurks within us human beings. Even though the game is presented in a comical way, it also has a serious undertone.

Whilst the gameplay is fairly simple, it’s one of those rare games you want to finish more than once, to have a chance to try out all the different characters.

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