The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II Ink Hunt DLC – Review
Follow Genre: action, RPG, adventure, indie
Developer: NeocoreGames
Publisher: NeocoreGames
Platform: PC

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II Ink Hunt DLC – Review

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Most of the players their adventures against professor Fulmigati are still going on, but that doesn’t stop NeocoreGames from releasing DLC. About a month after the release of their game, the Ink Hunt DLC was released. Ink Hunt requires a finished campaign and a Veteran (level 60) character to play.


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The Ink Hunt DLC features a mini-campaign and supports the main story. Someone has opened an ink gate dangerously close to your secret hideout, threatening to reveal your position. You find out it’s the work of the Master of Doors, who was released by Prisoner Seven. The Master of Doors can create ink gates anywhere he likes so that enemies may travel through them and attack. You decide to track down this Master of Doors in order to close the ink gates that he opened. On the way there, you have to kill some mini bosses and perform some side-quests which don’t really have anything to do with your main mission.

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Apart from the story, there are some new items, maps, quests and Easter eggs! This time, you can find a couple romantically standing on the tip of a boat (Titanic…). The new maps are small but look pretty cool. There’s the Sanctuary, Island of Bones, Inkheart Mines and Crystal Bastion. You’ll progress through these as you fight your way to the very end of the Crystal Bastion in order to kill the Master of Doors.


Although the DLC is very short, it’s pretty fun and low priced. The new quests and four new areas it features will give you about an hour of playtime, even more if you look for all the secrets. And with the addition of new items, maybe now you’ll find the final piece to your build!

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