The themes that unite console gaming with the casino

The themes that unite console gaming with the casino

Much like console gaming, the online casino gaming sector has undergone its own massive changes during the last 25 years. Both industries have made the most of the opportunities presented by faster internet connections and smartphone technology to grow their audience.
Back in 1995, the world of gaming was preparing to welcome the PlayStation, a console that would forever revolutionise the industry. Poker, roulette and blackjack, meanwhile, were taking their first steps online in a move that would completely shake up the sector. The two worlds have grown largely in parallel to one another in the years that have followed, though there are similarities that unite them.
One of those aspects is the themes that are utilised in the design of both casino and traditional console games.

Historical themes

Console games have long utilised historical themes to set the backdrop to the latest titles. The Call of Duty series of games each focuses on a particular conflict from recent history, while Assassin’s Creed is set in a time more than a thousand years ago.
In the world of the casino, several online bingo games harness the historical theme to engage with players. Age of the Gods bingo features an Ancient Greek aesthetic and draws upon mythology to deliver an experience far removed from traditional games of bingo. Historical themes like this transport the player to a new world and provide a platform for developers to deliver eye-catching, realistic graphics. Just about every era in history has been covered by at least one of the sectors, with each title portrayed with varying degrees of accuracy.

Famous franchises

Of course, both console gaming and online casino gaming have often borrowed famous franchises from other media sectors to create the latest titles. Early console games on the Atari 2600 include adaptations of Star Wars and ET, while Spider-Man: Miles Morales was one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 5.
In the world of casino gaming, mega-hit game show Deal or No Deal has spawned almost countless gambling spin-offs, with each featuring the iconic boxes and banker. Hit comedy film Sausage Party also received the casino treatment to become a slots game. This is a particularly successful strategy for both industries as the titles released will command interest from existing fans of the franchise. Newly developed titles, like Cyberpunk 2077 can grow to become hugely successful franchises, but the marketing department must start from scratch.

Colourful creations

Other creations can entice punters simply by using eye-catching colours. Bubble Bobble, sold as Bust-a-Move in the UK, utilises bright colours and developed to become one of the most popular puzzle games of all time, while Bastion is known for its bright and colourful graphics.
This tactic is also utilised in casino gaming, with titles like Rainbow Riches and Cash Cubes utilising vibrant colours to engage with new players. In such a crowded marketplace, simply being able to catch the eye is a major challenge, and the right palette of reds, yellows, blues and greens can make all the difference.
As you can see, though the two industries have evolved largely in isolation from one another, several cross-over elements are apparent when the two are compared. As graphics become more advanced, and as the two industries continue to grow from strength to strength, it will be intriguing to monitor how this trend develops.

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