Theotakutem’s personal top 3 of 2017

Theotakutem’s personal top 3 of 2017

2017 was pretty great with of course a bunch of new games being released and also old games being re-released. Besides the pile of games that have been released last year, there was also an awesome new console released by Nintendo: The Nintendo Switch. I was lucky enough that it was released near my birthday so I was able to purchase it with the birthday money that I got. This summer I was also lucky to be able to become a reviewer for 3rd-strike. There were a ton of games that I got to review including a bunch of smaller titles but also a few big ones. These 3 games were games that I really enjoyed.

So to celebrate the end of 2017 let’s take a look at these 3 games that I kept playing even after I wrote my review. I decided not to give them a number since they were all pretty great and it was a bit hard for me to choose between them. So in no particular order:


Life is Strange: Before the Storm

I absolutely loved the first game and became a fan of the series. Of course, I was absolutely ecstatic that I got the chance to review Before the Storm. Before the Storm is the prequel to Life is Strange. It tells the story of how Chloe and Rachel met. The story of the game plays out three years before the events of the first Life is Strange game. You get to see every character from the first game a bit more youthful and get to understand their actions better. I really liked the game and can’t wait for the bonus episode to come out. Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a game I recommend to everyone that liked/played the first game. You can check out my reviews here: episode 1, 2 and 3.


Culdcept Revolt

This game actually surprised me with how fun it was. I never expected a monopoly like card game to be this fun. The publisher NIS America has never really let me down as I absolutely loved their Danganronpa series. They really make great games and I can proudly say that Culdcept Revolt, in my opinion, belongs on that list. You get to enjoy an awesome and emotional story that doesn’t disappoint, and as a plus, the typical anime art style for the characters is also wonderful. The actual game part is pretty exciting as well with your cards coming to life after using them on the board. It’s pretty easy to lose to the NPCs if you’re not paying attention. Sometimes it’s with a tad of luck and a bit of strategy that you’re able to snatch the victory away.  I still continued to play it after my review since the story had me captivated and I wanted to beat that level I was stuck on. Since losing a level makes the bad guys win, it just itches to try again to defend the good guys. Find out more about Culdcept Revolt here.


Death Squared

This game is just amazing. It might look like just a simple puzzle with robots and blocks but it’s more than just that. The commentary from the guy keeping watch over the robots, David, and his A.I. helper, Iris, is just amazing. Just the commentary alone takes the game to another level but there are also lasers and explosions that help the cause. I’ve played this game several times after writing my review. I also had a lot of fun to play the game together with some of my family members. It’s quite funny to see other people struggle with the puzzles. Of course, it’s also quite entertaining to tease your fellow players by “accidentally” pushing them off the edge or letting a laser hit them. There has also been an adorable update since my review: the bots can now wear hats. I just absolutely recommend this game to anyone that owns a Nintendo Switch. Check out my review from Death Squared here.

Those were my 3 favorite games that I got to review. I love being a reviewer for 3rd-strike and discovering great games that I might not have chosen myself. I enjoyed 2017 and I hope you all have a happy new year! Let’s hope for more awesome games (and reviews) for 2018!

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