Thrustmaster Y-350P 7.1 Powered Ghost Recon Wildlands Edition – Hardware Review
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Developer: Thrustmaster
Publisher: Thrustmaster
Platform: PlayStation 4, Everything with a standard 3.5mm port (limited functionality)

Thrustmaster Y-350P 7.1 Powered Ghost Recon Wildlands Edition – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Sturdy, Controller box
Bad: No foam cups
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With the release of DOOM last year, Thrustmaster decided to release a limited edition headset to go hand in hand with the remake of the popular title’s release. While it seemed like a onetime ‘gig’, Thrustmaster surprised us with the release of two different Ghost Recon: Wildlands headsets, one standard edition, and one with an extra small device to attach to your PS4 controller to add another kick to your gaming experience. We were lucky enough to be given the chance to try out the latter, and once again we were greeted by a device we have seen many times before, with minimal changes, and we were still enamored.


Thrustmaster Logo



There isn’t all that much new to say about the somewhat bulky, yet very likeable design of the different Thrustmaster headsets, safe for it being spruced up with a Ghost Recon: Wildlands decal, which adds another layer of ‘badass-ery’ to the equation.

If you’ve read one of our earlier reviews, or ever owned a Thrustmaster headset during the last few years, you’ll notice that everything is pretty much identical, ranging from the thick ear pads, the headband with its rather thick padding, to the removable microphone. A few new details were added to give it a fairly unique Ghost Recon look, namely yellow rings around the ear cups, and the decals on the side of the headset. There’s even a logo on the front side of the padding in the headband, which is of course not completely visible when you’re actually using this headset. There’s only one peculiarity that it somewhat of a shame. The decal on the sides doesn’t run all the way through to the top, as it abruptly stops at the point you can adjust the size of the headset’s headband.

The control box that is to be inserted in the PlayStation 4 controller also has a small Ghost Recon decal, but other than that, looks fairly modern, with its subtle touch buttons, and otherwise softened colors.

Thrustmaster 350P Ghost Recon 1


As expected, compared to the DOOM model, there have been no real changes when it comes to the comfort of the device. You’ll still have ample padding in the ear cups, as well as the headband, thanks to its cushy leather-ish feel. Nonetheless, during hot months, this might be a tad too hot, but it’s easy to wipe off and keep clean if needs be. This time there are sadly no foam pads included with the device.

The Y-350P doesn’t grip your head too tightly, which is a plus for those who get annoyed quickly when having a headset on to game. As this is a fairly bulky headset, you’ll clearly notice it’s there, but it never becomes tediously heavy, as given its size, it’s still a rather light device.

Our remark with the DOOM edition that the headband was harder to adjust when you already have the headset on your head remains the same, as it’s harder to regulate than the older models for some reason. Don’t worry though, as it’s still an easy device to work with and set up to your liking.

Thrustmaster 350P Ghost Recon 2


  • 7.1 virtual surround sound
  • Most powerful bass on a console ever
  • Own power supply included with the headset
  • 60 mm drivers


Just like the DOOM edition, this headset will work on every device that has a 3.5mm plug, but keep in mind that it has a rather short cable, as it was designed to go in the plug of your PlayStation 4 controller. If you aim for the latter, you’ll have more than enough working space, especially when you have your controller in your hands. That being said, it’s the small controller ‘box’ that is the most vital in this equation. You’ll have to plug in the add-on in your controller, in which you’ll have to insert the 3.5mm jack of your headset to gain its full capabilities.

Thrustmaster 350P Ghost Recon 3

Controlling the device is quite easy thanks to the add-on, as it allows you to regulate all the basic necessities, such as volume for both sound and microphone (mute). You’ll also be able to mess around with the bass settings, which is a bonus many other brands keep forgetting. Other than that, the microphone is removable, just like with every of the previous models, which is also a useful bonus if you just want to enjoy some music, without it being in the way.

Just like the DOOM version, this headset comes with its own battery, thus it will not strain the battery of your controller as much as a normal controller would. This is something very commendable and certainly shows that Thrustmaster cares about its end-users.


Even though Thrustmaster’s 7.1 Powered models are steeper in price compared to the regular editions, they are so very much worth the extra investments. These devices are built to last, provide comfort and above all, solid sound quality for your gaming experience. We have said it many times before, and we’ll say it again: This brand knows what it’s doing, and sticks with what it knows. If the initial model was already loved, why change too many things to create a product people might not love. If you have owned a Thrustmaster headset in the past, you might not notice a big difference comfort wise, but the boost in audio quality should certainly do the trick.

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Rating: 9.1/10 (10 votes cast)
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Thrustmaster Y-350P 7.1 Powered Ghost Recon Wildlands Edition - Hardware Review, 9.1 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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