Thrustmaster Y-350X 7.1 POWERED DOOM EDITION – Hardware Review
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Developer: Thrustmaster
Publisher: Thrustmaster
Platform: Xbox One, Everything with a standard 3.5mm port (limited functionality)

Thrustmaster Y-350X 7.1 POWERED DOOM EDITION – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Sturdy, DOOM!
Bad: Weird clicking noises
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In the past we’ve shown our love for Thrustmaster’s headset more than once, and now they decided to release an edition of the same headset, albeit a newer version, with a DOOM theme, we pretty much wet ourselves ever so slightly. All silliness aside, thanks to their generosity we were able to get our hands on the Y-350X 7.1 POWERED DOOM EDITION, which is the Xbox One and PC version of the device, that brings back the familiar traits of their other headsets, albeit with something extra specially for the Xbox One users. If this alone doesn’t already tickle your senses, we honestly don’t know what will.


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We were happy to see that the ‘pilot-helmet’ design remained intact, and while it’s still bulky, the overall shape and appearance remains spot-on. While not much has changed when it comes to the overall features, the DOOM theme, and the slight shift in colors make this item look like something totally different, yet oddly familiar.

Even though the design of the entire device is nearly identical to the previous headset models Thrustmaster released, the DOOM edition spices things up in its own unique way. The thick ear cups and pads and the thicker headband remain the same, but there’s a rather big shift in colors and markings. The ear pads themselves have been colored a chocolaty brown, just like the headband. The insides of the cups have the UAC logo on them, while the letter word is written in full on the front of the headband. Of course, the inner logos will not be visible anymore when you are using the headset, but it’s still a fun addition.

The plastic part of the headband has markings on both side, with DOOM clearly visible on them, as well as markings that make it seem as if the device itself has seen its share of hefty battles. That being said, it would have been fun if the markings would have been carried on to the top of the headband, but this is only a minor remark.

This device comes with two extra components which are also decorated with the same DOOM theme. First there is the small battery compartment that also serves as the connection piece for standard cable (standard jack). This small part also has DOOM prominently written on the front, together with red and black warnings, which could be compared to a ‘warning sign’. Secondly there’s the control box that is plugged into your controller, which also has DOOM featured on it, as well as a fun LED bar that shows the volume settings.

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After testing several of Thrustmaster’s headsets it’s clear the company does not save any expense to make sure their end-users are provided with ample comfort for longer gaming sessions. Both the ear pieces as well as the headband have very thick and soft padding with a leathery finish. Just like the previous models the padding on the ear cups can be removed, but sadly, there are no extra pads provided. One of the previous models provided you with leathery pads as well as foam ones, making sure everyone had their pick of the litter. Nonetheless, this is again only a small remark, seeing pretty much no one provides extra pads.

The Y-350X doesn’t grip your head too tightly, which makes it even more comfortable and thanks to the padding in the headband, this somewhat heavier device is still very pleasant to use for longer periods of time. The cups themselves enclose your ears fully and block a decent amount of exterior noise. You’ll also be able to crank open the volume, without people around you getting annoyed due to the noise that comes through.

One thing that seemed to be different compared to the previous models was the adjustable headband. While it’s still possible to adjust it to your liking, it was quite hard to do so precisely when the headset is already on your head, as there is a lot of resistance that prevents it from sliding open smoothly.


  • Compatible with Xbox One, and limited functionality for other platforms
  • 60mm drivers
  • Detachable and adjustable microphone
  • Bass amplifier
  • 7.1 virtual surround sound
  • Internal battery (cable)


PC users who want to work with rather limited capabilities of the headset will be able to simply use the 3.5mm jack to plug it into their PC, monitor or speakers and they’ll be good to go. Xbox One users will have to do a bit more to get the device working. First of all they will need to connect the standard cable to the secondary cable, which consists of the battery and the control box. The 3.5mm jack goes into the battery box and the control box fits perfectly into the controller. Those who have the first generation of Xbox One controllers can rejoice as this model fits perfectly in their controller as well.

After you’ve hooked up the device to your controller, your Xbox One will recognize the new software but will also ask to ‘update your controller’, making sure it works perfectly in combination with your console. That being said, don’t put the headset on your head just yet, as the update makes the headset emit some annoying loud noises. Also be careful when you power on the headset itself, as it makes a rather loud click sound, as well as when it powers down. While this is in a way nothing truly bad, it might just hurt your ears a bit when you’re not prepared for it.

The microphone is, just like with the previous models, perfectly removable, if you’re in the mood to simply enjoy the music of your favorite games, rather than immerse yourself in online play. The cable itself is also long enough, seeing it is hooked up to your controller. You’ll have enough space to move around, at least with your controller in hand. You’ll also have the button to regulate everything nearby, as the control box can be controlled perfectly while playing games. The buttons are clear and the volume settings are clearly depicted on the LED bar, when you want to arrange the different volume settings, namely voice, bass, … . The latter brings us to the fact that this device offers better bass settings compared to the previous models, which gives it an extra edge, in combination with the crisp sound quality.

While the control mechanism makes things a lot easier when it comes to adjusting the basic settings, it’s the small battery compartment that might actually steal the show. Seeing most headsets place a strain on the controller’s lifespan, Thrustmaster made sure it doesn’t kill the battery slowly, but it might just provide a small boost. The battery can also be charged with a micro-USB cable.


Thrustmaster’s Y-350X 7.1 POWERED DOOM EDITION is another fun addition to their ever-growing collection of headsets. Not only is this device comfortable, it also provides crisp sound, a nifty control mechanism and actually doesn’t strain the battery of your Xbox One controller. On top of it all, the DOOM theme simply looks stunning, which adds another layer of quality to Thrustmaster’s trustworthy headsets.

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Thrustmaster Y-350X 7.1 POWERED DOOM EDITION - Hardware Review, 9.8 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

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