Top 5 Online Slot Machines Strategy Myths Debunked

Top 5 Online Slot Machines Strategy Myths Debunked

Everyone dreams of making wealth while sitting on their comfy beds and in comfy pajamas without stepping outside their houses. This is the primary motivation that drives people to play online slot machines. You can play slot on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop while you are in your favorite place and at the time you want. This is what distinguishes online slot machines from going to the land casino.

All those who play online slots are optimistic about the profit and ignore the loss issue, but as soon as they lose for the first time, they start looking for the reasons behind this loss and how to avoid it. When looking for reasons, you will encounter many myths about online slot machines, so avoid believing them because luck is the main reason for winning. Let us debunk some of them in this article.

Online slot machines can payout at a specific time in the day only

This myth is quite popular among players, whether on land casinos or online casinos. Some players believe that there is a high chance of winning during calm hours or when the casino is not crowded. This is illogical because the time has nothing to do with the payout chances because they are random. Suppose this slot machine does not payout for a while. That doesn’t boost the payout chances. Do not ever believe this myth because if you are lucky enough today, you will win whenever you play.

Can’t win by using the auto play feature

The auto play feature in online slot machines is made to speed up the playing process and relieve pressure on players to do that automatically instead of pulling the lever manually. Manual spins do not affect winning opportunities since you can win by pressing the automatic button, and the chance of payout will be the same in manual or automatic features.

You can’t win jackpots repeatedly from the same slot

This is the most believable myth among players. Even though it is a little bit logical, it is not true. Most players think that the slot machine that just paid jackpot could not do that the next time. This belief is common among many players, even experienced and skilled ones, but do not believe it because the winning mechanism is very random because of the random number generator RNG feature in all slot machines, and it also depends on luck. Many gamblers have published their experiences of winning jackpots twice in a row from the same slot machine to debunk this myth. Don’t let this myth confuse you. If you win the jackpot today and feel quite lucky, continue playing in the same slot non aams machine. Who knows, the next jackpot might be waiting for you too.

Payout is the same in all slot machines

The payout in any slot machine depends on the return-to-play RTP rate, and the profit depends on the rate the player puts, so it cannot be fixed. If you see two slot machines that give the same payout amount, this is a pure coincidence. Slots are variant in their payouts frequency and jackpots rounds, and it is better to know the payout table of any slot machine before choosing any one.

There are cold and hot slot machines

This is also a false and unrealistic belief. Some players think that the slot machine that payout multiple times is a hot one and the one that does not payout for a while is a cold one, and the myth says that the chance of winning will be higher in the hot one. There are no hot and cold streaks in the slot machines because the slot machine’s system is random, whether in land-based casinos or online casinos.


Although many new games gained popularity shortly, like bingo or roulette, slot machines are still the most played game in the world of gambling. There are a lot of myths and rumors about slot machines, probably because it is an old-fashioned game, its popularity among gamblers, and the ease of playing it. One of the most common reasons that helped spread is that it does not require a high level of intelligence, a strong memory, or special skill like many other games because it requires nothing but luck. Keep in mind that you will read and hear many myths about online slot machines, whether from skilled people or on the internet, but never believe any of them. Your goal is to be a skilled slot machine player, so all you have to do is to learn from your many experiences in slots and be familiar with all the articles about slot machines’ myths exactly like this one.

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