Verbatim introduces micro storage devices

Verbatim introduces micro storage devices

Verbatim has expanded their already vast assortment with three micro-sized storage devices to store, share and stream while on the road. Apple and Android smartphones and tablets often lack the option to increase their storage capacity and with the resolution of the cameras nowadays, clearing out photos and videos can be a hassle if you are nowhere near a computer. We all want to save those lucky snapshots, those screenshots of hilarious conversations and for the past few weeks, we even want to save pictures of the hard-earned Pokémons which your dog has photo bombed. The introduction of Verbatims newest series of compact storage devices offers both business and private users a simple and affordable solution to the problem at hand.

The MediaShare Wireless Mini is a miniature version of the lightweight WiFi-streaming device first introduced in 2014. A micro-SD card is inserted and the device becomes a wireless USB-station with which data can be saved and transferred via a wireless connection. The device can share or stream any kind of data such as photos, music and videos to up to five different devices simultaneously, offering a 3-hour usage while fully charged.

Expanding your memory is easy with the iStore ‘n’ Go Lightning Drive, a robust high-speed flash station. The drive is available is 16GB, 32GB and 64GB and is ideal for Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad via the Lightning connection. Opening, storing and sharing data between PC and Apple’s mobile devices has never been easier, especially when there is no internet connection available.

The 16GB Store ‘n’ Go Dual USB flash station is a perfect solution to transfer data from a mobile device or laptop with a USB-C connection and a USB-A laptop without needing a steady internet connection. Just like the Lightning Drive, the Dual USB flash station is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, giving users the perfect amount of storage to clear out their photos and videos in a fast manner. Change a few settings on your mobile device and you can even record videos straight to the USB drive.

Verbatims MediaShare Wireless Mini will be available in Europe earliest in August for a price-tag of €25.99 or its local equivalent. The iStore ‘n’ Go Lightning Drive is for sale for €39.99 (16GB), €45.99 (32GB) and €57.99 (64GB) while the Store ‘n’ Go USB flash station is available for €19.99 (16GB), €29.99 (32GB) and €44.99 (64GB).

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