World of Warcraft Tokens available in Europe today

World of Warcraft Tokens available in Europe today

The WoW Token is a new in-game item that allows players to exchange gold for game time. The new feature is already available in Europe since 5 PM CET, however prices seem to fluctuate to amounts that seem extremely high for 30 days of game time. Currently on my server, Earthen Ring, the tokens seem to go a steep price of 38.000 gold. Players who wish to make gold out of these tokens, will need to spend 20 EUR (approximately 15 GBP) per token bought from the in-game shop.

The tokens can be redeemed while you have an active recurring subscription without the player needing to suspend their subscription. The subscription will automatically pause for the duration of any amount of bought game time via the tokens. Multiple tokens can be redeemed at the same time as the game time will accumulate.

If you’re still slightly confused about the entire concept, feel free to watch the WoW Token Overview video below.

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