2D Action Destructathon, Nation Breakers: Steam Arena to be released November 18th

2D Action Destructathon, Nation Breakers: Steam Arena to be released November 18th

Coded Clay Interactive announced that its debut game, the 2D Action Steampunk Destructathon, Nation Breakers: Steam Arena, will be released on Steam Early Access on November 18th. Nation Breakers is an online multiplayer platform fighting game where you compete in frenetic battles, both local multiplayer and single player. Players will control glass-cannon battle bots in increasingly dangerous and dynamic arenas.

In Nation Breakers, you fight in insanely fast, single-hit-kill battles where your skills and reflexes make the difference. The game features ever-flowing and changing arenas, full of hazards and bordered with portals that players can use for both defense and offense. Although focused on its multiplayer modes, Nation Breakers: Steam Arena will also include two single-player modes. The first is a single-player practice mode where you can hone your skills fighting quick battles against AI. The game also features a single-player mode for those looking for a challenge, named Arena Run, a mad dash through the 12 levels of each theme, with each match throwing unique challenges at you. Compare your score with other players on Steam and top the ranks.

With these 3 game modes (for now) and 48 arenas divided into 4 themes and 12 levels and a unique weapon in each, Nation Breakers offers a huge variety from the very beginning. Don’t forget to fight to the powerful beat of the industrial soundtrack of the game, a brilliant, chest-hammering score composed by independent musician George Lever.

For more information, be sure to check out their official website, here. Or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Discord.

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