Bethesda announces Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Bethesda announces Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Today Bethesda announced that Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, the standalone prequel to the acclaimed Wolfenstein: The new order, will be available on the 5th of May for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for € 19,99 ($ 22,16).

It’s 1946 and the Nazis are on the verge of winning the Second World War. In an attempt to turn the advantage to the allied forces, B.J. Blazkowicz departs on a mission that consists out of two parts. In the first part, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Rudi Jäger and the Den of Wolves, B.J. Blazkowicz makes acquaintance with a mentally ill prison warden when he tries to break into Castle Wolfenstein in an attempt to obtain the coordinates of General Deathsheads castle.

In part two, The Dark Secrets of Helga Von Schabbs, a quest leads our hero to Wuflburg where an obsessed Nazi-archaeologist is busy digging up mysterious artefacts which unleash a dark power.

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