Bluetooth Keyboard – Acer Iconia W3 – Hardware Review
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Bluetooth Keyboard – Acer Iconia W3 – Hardware Review

Good: Case for the tablet, large keys
Bad: No sleeve
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Recently we discussed the Acer Iconia W3, a Windows tablet that proved to be so much more than a simple tablet. We ended our review with the remark that the Iconia’s true potential could be unlocked with the addition of its Bluetooth keyboard. Today we have the chance to offer you our opinion of the Bluetooth keyboard and see if we were right or not.




Design wise the keyboard will remind you of a style, that brands such as Apple use for their products. You will be presented with an aluminum colored keyboard, with white keys. A style that matches the tablet.

It does not take a genius to see that the keyboard is bigger than the actual tablet. This comes with the convenience that your keys will be larger and thus you’ll be able to work on a keyboard with keys just as large as your keyboard on your laptop or at home.

The keyboard itself is fairly simple and works with two AAA batteries. These are inserted in the back and have a fairly long lifespan.

Connecting the keyboard to your tablet is a case of pairing up and you’re good to go. First you’ll have to go to the ‘devices’ menu in the W3’s settings menu to pair with the keyboard. When pressing the on or connect button on your keyboard you’ll be able to detect it with the W3. When trying to connect with each other, you’ll have to fill in a password on your keyboard to give authorization, otherwise the pairing won’t succeed.

The Bluetooth keyboard does not only serve as a keyboard for your W3 model but also as a protection case. You’ll be able to attach your tablet on the bottom of the keyboard, with the screen of your tablet facing the bottom. When doing so, you’ll protect your monitor. Sadly this comes with one great disadvantage, namely you won’t be able to protect the back of your tablet or the keys of your keyboard. When carrying it around without an extra big sleeve you will scratch up the back of your tablet or a lot of dust will crawl in between the keys of the keyboard. An adapted carrying case could solve this, but there are no official cases or sleeves for the combination of the tablet with the official keyboard.

Typing itself has no delay, which means the device connects well with the tablet. The keys are light and slim, making it a pleasant experience.


Own opinion

Seeing that the Iconia W3 also has a pre-installed version of Office 2013, it can be used for so much more than a typical tablet. This is where the Bluetooth keyboard shines. You’ll be able to use the tablet as a decent work machine with the addition of the keyboard.

The fact the keyboard is bigger than the tablet comes with the great advantage that you’ll be able to ‘bring your home experience with you’. This means you won’t have to trade in comfort with smaller keys than a normal keyboard, seeing the keys are fairly the same size as a normal keyboard for your PC or laptop.

Being able to use your keyboard as a protective ‘case’ for your tablet, still has the convenience of adding a solid protection for your screen. Most cases or sleeves are still too soft and do not stand that much pressure, the keyboard is quite sturdy and will prevent your monitor from getting harmed. Sadly the combination comes with the disadvantage of not finding any sleeves that will fit both of them together. When you’re on the road a lot, you’ll start scratching up the back of your tablet or you might ruin the keys of your keyboard.



The Bluetooth keyboard proves to be a great addition for the Acer Iconia W3. Not only will the keyboard provide extra comfort because of the larger keys than most other tablet keyboards, but working with Office is that much more appealing with the usage of this keyboard. Being able to protect your screen is a positive factor as well, but sadly the keyboard does not come with a sleeve for the tablet and keyboard together. Nonetheless, the Bluetooth keyboard will be worth it, when you want to use your W3 model for working purposes.

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Bluetooth Keyboard - Acer Iconia W3 - Hardware Review, 8.6 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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