Brave Men’s Blood (VOD) – Movie Review
Follow Genre: Thriller
Director: Olaf de Fleur
Distributor: Walk This Way
Duration: 96 minutes

Brave Men’s Blood (VOD) – Movie Review

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Bad: Some minor inconsistencies in the story
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Sometimes being the son or daughter of a well respected man can open doors that would otherwise have stayed shut forever. Nonetheless, it’s also not always easy to be associated with a successful parent while you’re trying to build a life of your own. In Hannes’ case, he was quite lucky having a father in the Reykjavik police force as, after he failed bootcamp for Special Ops, his father gives him a new opportunity for a job at Internal Affairs. Freshly on the job, he immediately has a lot on his hands.

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Hannes (Darri Ingolfsson) just got hired in the police force at Internal Affairs, thanks to his father Arni (Theodor Juliusson), who was once a well respected policeman himself. Hannes’ first job on the force is one that involves Gunnar Gunnerson (Ingvar E. Sigurdsson) who was Iceland’s greatest drug dealer before Sergej (Zlatko Krickic), a Serbian immigrant, took over his territory. Gunnar rushed into a children’s birthday party, pointing a gun at Sergej. Now that he’s in prison, he needs to find a way to lessen his sentence, and thus he calls for Hannes. He tells him that the head of the police drug division, Margeir (Sigurdur Sigurjonsson) isn’t as clean as he seems to be, since he also works for Sergej. Hannes believes Gunnar, as he also tells him that Margeir first used to work for him, before Sergej took over his territory.

To find out more about his colleague Margeir, Hannes convinces Margeir’s former partner Andrea (Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir ) to come back after having been on desk duty due to a nervous breakdown some time ago. She agrees, and since she and Margeir already worked together, Margeir trusts her, which makes it easier for her to snoop around. Nonetheless, it doesn’t take long before Margeir finds out that there is a tracking device under his car, and finds out that Hannes and Andrea are working together to dig up dirt about him. Hannes and Andrea don’t suspect a thing, but when soon after, Hannes’ wife end up in hospital in a critical condition, after being hit full speed by a car, things turn grim very suddenly.


The story of this film is quite a typical police story, as you would expect to see in any British crime series. It’s not bad, and is has a nice flow, without you losing track of what is going on, but there are some flaws in the story, which make it just a tad less enjoyable than it could have been. For example, the movie starts off with Hannes training with the special ops, but he is too weak and thus pursues a different career within the police corps. Nothing wrong with that, but later in the film, he doesn’t seem that weak at all. Also, as a rookie in the field, he knows very well what to do and has no supervisor or advisor to help him at all. He immediately is in charge of the whole investigation into Margeir. Other than that, the story does get quite exciting, with lots of action going on, also including some scenes that are quite explicit.

Acting is all very decent and quite convincing. Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir does a good job portraying Andrea as the ‘infiltrator’, showing the two sides of her character very well. Other than the acting, also the music adds the right atmosphere to make the whole experience quite fun and rather exciting.

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This release in Belgium is part of the ‘Walk This Way’ releases, which is a selection of thrillers from various countries, released on different platforms. We got watched this film through Video on Demand instead of the usual DVD or Blu-ray. Because of this, there weren’t any extras to enjoy, but with a film like this one, that’s also not such a letdown, even though of course it is always nice to have just a little bit of extra content to enjoy.


Brave Men’s Blood is certainly not a bad police film, even though some aspects of the movie are a bit questionable. There is action and intrigue, and some explicit scenes thrown into the mix as well. Also acting performances are very decent.  All of these things blend well together, making this a rather exciting film that will certainly appeal to many who like themselves a nice detective story every now and then.

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Brave Men's Blood (VOD) - Movie Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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