Center Stage: On Pointe (DVD) – Movie Review
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Duration: 88 minutes

Center Stage: On Pointe (DVD) – Movie Review

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During the years, dance movies have grown in popularity. For instance, the Step Up films or the more female-tinted Magic Mike XXL have brought several movies to the theaters. Center Stage: On Pointe is the sequel of Center Stage: Turn It Up and takes us on a journey with yet another girl from the Parker family that takes a shot for a professional career.

Center Stage: On Pointe

We’re thrown into a beautiful classical ballet performance, where the audience is enjoying the show. At the sideline, Jonathan Reeves (Peter Gallagher) and his crew are carefully checking every move and keeps an eye on the crowd. Afterwards, they are pleased to present an award to the famous Cooper Nielsen (Ethan Stiefel) and talk about the performance. One of the investors, Beverly (Gabrielle Rose), knows about the financial problems of the ABC or American Ballet Company and channels her concerns. She pushes Jonathan to make some decisions and finally allow modern dancers as well. After thinking and talking to his colleagues, he decides to take the jump and orders Tommy (Kenny Wormald), Charlie (Sascha Radetsky) and Cooper to find suitable candidates for a competitive camp.

Tommy immediately calls to Kate Parker (Rachele Brooke Smith) and she advices her sister Bella (Nicole Muñoz). After seeing her dance, he persuades her to try and get a spot in the camp. Arriving at the scene, she changed her name so people wouldn’t think that her famous sister would have any influence. Eventually, she is accepted but as you can imagine, things won’t be as easy. The strict teacher Lorenza (Sarah-Jane Redmond) doesn’t really help regarding this matter and there are quite some struggles with the classical ballet dancers, like with her partner Damon (Barton Cowperthwaite).

Center Stage: On Pointe

As this is a dance movie, it’s kind of like what you could’ve expect as from any other one. A girl or guy wants to get into a certain group or school and there are quite some obstacles to overcome. Center Stage: On Pointe doesn’t provide anything else, although there are some plot twists here and there that will keep you on your toes. It’s just that you can’t assume that this movie will bring you something new and refreshing. The story contains the all-known elements like drama and some love issues but it’s not the typical cliché elements. As this isn’t an action move, you can’t expect to have quite a fast pace but a rather normal tempo. You don’t have the feeling that things are going too slow or rapidly fast, which is great.

Center Stage: On Pointe attracted some rather famous actors like Peter Gallagher and Gabrielle Rose, but there is also some unknown blood involved. The quality of the acting is far from bad, but it sometimes feels like there lacks some experience or empathy. Sometimes the dialogues seem rather flat or emotionless, while at other times these actually seem a bit useless or a drag to perform. In the end, it’s not the worst you’ll ever have seen but it just feels like there was more potential. Bella and Damon tried their best to get that chemistry going on, but it’s just not that convincing while other rather sad moments lose their meaning. For instance, there is a moment where one of the other dancers reveals a secret, it’s just not as emotional as it should’ve been.

Center Stage: On Pointe

The DVD has only one extra feature, namely a dance tutorial with Chloe. She is the youngest dancer in the camp and you’re able to learn one of her choreographies she performs in the movie. This is a fun feature and Chloe tries her best to provide you with enough details, but it’s mostly meant for people who have experience in dancing or are willing to learn some rather complicated steps. As this is a combination of both modern dancing and ballet, be ready to let your emotions run free while also adding some tip-toeing moves. It would have been nice if there were some more extras as this tutorial is for a more selected audience. A gag reel or commentary of the newer actors would have been an option.


If you’re into dance movies, you will certainly like the moves this title provides. It packs some rather famous actors but don’t expect the best performances or the most pronounced storyline. With its rather normal pace, Center Stage: On Pointe is something fun to watch in-between, but can be replaced by something else rather easily.

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Center Stage: On Pointe (DVD) - Movie Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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