Cooler Master launches keyboards with intelligent LEDs

Cooler Master launches keyboards with intelligent LEDs

Only two weeks after the announcement of the MasterKeys Lite L Combo pack which included a keyboard and mouse, Cooler Master launched a selection of keyboards for gamers and casual users once again. The MasterKeys Pro L has a 100% full-key layout with CHERRY MX switches and the MasterKeys Pro M has a 90% layout with the same CHERRY MX switches. Both keyboards come with Intelligent White LEDs, providing a crisper and clearer white than any RGB keyboard can deliver. They also come with multiple LED lightning modes, on-the-fly macros and profile support.

Kevin Yang, Product Manager of Peripherals at Cooler Master explained that “the MasterKeys Pro Intelligent White series offers two sizes of keyboards with brilliant crisp white illumination. Presets include Light Wave, Breathing, and unique responsive effects. The keyboard comes in a full keyboard or 90% design layout and both include CHERRY MX switches to match tactile preference. Plug and play, softwareless design eliminates the hassle of installing software and all settings are adjustable via the On-the-fly System in a simple and user friendly manner.”

The keyboard comes with a default and gaming profile modes and the exclusive anti-ghosting technology. This in combination with the features already mentioned earlier ensures that both keyboards are suitable for the working class, students and all types of gamers. The MasterKeys Pro L will be available for the price of €114.95 while the MasterKeys Pro M is slightly cheaper at the price of €104.95. Both keyboards will launch in Cherry MX Brown and Red MX Brown versions, all launching in week 30 except for the MasterKeys Pro L Red MX Brown version, which will launch in week 32.

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