Developer Games Operators announces new game ‘Infection Free Zone’ and the Last Duty DLC for 112 Operator

Developer Games Operators announces new game ‘Infection Free Zone’ and the Last Duty DLC for 112 Operator

During the Corona epidemic, there were some memes on the internet about how everybody was expecting the zombie apocalypse. How would you feel if you could just pick any real city in the world and make it your base for a self-sustaining settlement? Infection Free Zone will be released in 2022 but to ease the wait you can enjoy a zombie-themed DLC on 112 Operator that serves as the Infection Free Zone plot introduction.

Key features include

  • Rebuild any REAL CITY in the world. Use OpenStreetMap’s real-world data and choose any city in the world in which to play. Set up shelters and production facilities. Adapt existing buildings to new needs. Build farms and powerplants, and don’t forget to establish defenses with walls, gates, and towers.
  • Scavenge for resources. Make good use of your knowledge of the city and find the best place to defend your base. Remember where the grocery stores and pharmacies were. Figure out where to find weapons. Keep in mind that old, devastated buildings might be filled with resources but also the infected lurking in the dark. So, if you decide to explore the ruins, you’d better go well-prepared.
  • Fight the infected. Prepare for large hordes of enemies attacking your base every night. Fight them off with every tool available – melee and ranged weapons, vehicles, walls, and even light sources. Choose to research a vaccine or cure that will stop the virus from spreading and ensure your ultimate victory, or simply enjoy rebuilding entire cities.
  • Protect your base from the living. Remember that your Zone is not the only one that exists out there. And, while some other groups of people who survived may be friendly, willing to help, and trade with you, others may turn out to be as hostile as the infected.

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