Ed-0: Zombie Uprising coming to Early Access

 Ed-0: Zombie Uprising coming to Early Access

Today, D3PUBLISHER Inc. and Lancarse Ltd. Have announced that Ed-0: Zombie Uprising, a new survival rogue-like action game will be coming to PC, via Early Access on Steam, on the 4th of April next month. Ed-0: Zombie Uprising will integrate community feedback to improve, optimize and build a complete launch by frequently updating the game during the Early access period.

Ed-0: Zombie Uprising takes place in a fictional Edo-era in Japan where hordes of zombies have raided the country. With its rogue-like elements, each dungeon run will be a different one, and players will constantly ‘face once-in-a-lifetime’ challenges with a lot of random elements amidst a bunch of dangerous enemies.

With the Early Access launch, players can partake in carnivorous combat and test their abilities with different traditional Japanese characters, starting with the Samurai. At launch, the game will feature over ten hours of core gameplay content. The Early Access period is going to last six months to provide additional content, polish the game and balance everything based on the feedback from the fans.

Below, you can check out the Early access trailer for Ed-0: Zombie Uprising. For more info on Ed-0: Zombie Uprising, you can check out the official website of D3PUBLISHER.

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