Eryi’s Action – Review
Follow Genre: Platform game
Developer: Xtal Sword, Nyu Media Ltd
Publisher: Xtal Sword, Nyu Media Ltd
Platform: Windows

Eryi’s Action – Review

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Imagine a world where everything tries to kill you: the floor disappears, your sweet goldfish turns into a piranha and tries to eat you or your neighbour starts to bomb your house. This isn’t possible in real life, but you can experience this feeling now in Eryi’s Action. Test your survival skills in this fun and thrilling platform game.



The story in Eryi’s Action is quite basic. Our young fairy heroine, named as Eryi, has been saving  a juicy melon for the time when she feels weaker. When Eryi wants to eat this delicious delight, she notices that it has been stolen by Farta. This malevolent  creature is a troll that likes to annoy Eryi and her only mission is to bully Eryi in every possible way. If our fairy wants to get her lovely melon back, she’ll need to overcome a lot of different traps and mischievous bosses.

The story isn’t very developed or detailed, but that isn’t necessary in this type of game. It’s more designed to spam you with different traps or obstacles than to offer you a good storyline. Besides, you’ll  probably worry more about the traps and mobs than the lack of a story.



The graphics in Eryi’s Action are overall good. Every level has a different theme and each theme has its own specific characteristics. The levels are very colourful and playful. Some elements return of course, but this isn’t very disturbing.

You can switch the colour settings between 24 bit or 16 bit. This is positive for people that play with a more dated video card. It’s also possible to change the frame rate when the game feels slow or it lags.


Eryi’s Action has only a few soundtracks. The quality of the music is good and the songs are catchy, although this isn’t always a good thing. Some elements in the game have their own specific sound effects, what improves the gaming experience.

The volume is quite high when you start the game for the first time, but it’s possible to in- or decrease the music and SFX volume.



Eryi’s action is a 2D platform game that has the same style and elements like Mario-games. There is one small difference though: EVERYTHING in the game is determined to make you suffer .

The game has 12 levels that put your survival skills, patience and willpower to the test. The developers implemented some badass bosses as well. You will need a good tactical mind to try and beat these rascals.

The main purpose or goal of the game is to kill you. Nothing more or nothing less. Even when you think you’re safe,  think again because you’re not. This game will blow your mind (and keyboard or controller) in every possible way. The bright side is that you can die endlessly  so you can try over and over if you’re stuck in a level. The only way to beat an insurmountable trap or obstacle is to try and conquer. Try different tactics, try to position yourself on a different way and above all: don’t lose your patience. Even though you die a lot, this game is addicting. You keep trying to overcome that obstacle or an annoying boss until you get the satisfaction of actually beating it. This gives you the drive to continue the game.


The controls are very simple. You move around with the cursor keys and you can jump around or pick up stuff with respectively the  ‘X’ and ‘C’ button.  The game gives you the possibility to change these key settings when you play with a controller.

Eryi’s Action has some checkpoints in each level, which makes life a bit easier. The number of checkpoints are a bit scarce though, although this is both positive and negative. The game would be way too easy of there were more savepoints. On the other side: your patience and willpower will be tested to the maximum.

The game has an autosave function but it doesn’t save the checkpoints you reach. If you want to start a new level, consider if you have the time, patience or will to start a new adventure.

The only real remark I can make is that there are problems with the game when you play it on full screen and you try to alt tab. When you go to the other screen, the computer shows an error and the game shuts down completely. It’s important to test if this occurs, because it can be annoying to experience this problem while you’re in a level.


Eyri’s Action is a thrilling platform game that has been made to test your patience. The storyline isn’t very detailed but the different obstacles and bosses are ingenious. The graphics are good and the different levels are very cheerful. The game lacks some extra soundtracks, but the quality is decent and the tunes are catchy. This game makes you experience quite some emotional heights and lows but even then it’s still addicting.

Even if I die 100 times
1. I will not cry!
2. I will not get angry!
3. I will not give up!
4. I will win!

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