Funny Images for Bingo Lovers – Boomtown have All the Best Online Bingo Memes

Funny Images for Bingo Lovers – Boomtown have All the Best Online Bingo Memes

We have had our share of content about gambling on the site, and we always recommend our users to deal with it responsibly. Gambling always holds risks, especially when playing with real money. Then again, games also cost money, and with the recent trend of adding micro-transactions to games, it’s often hard to see the difference between actual gambling that can earn you some quick money, and gambling that simply costs money, hoping to get some progress in a game. Nonetheless, this time we’ve decided to add a bit of lighthearted content that everyone can enjoy.

Many gambling companies often go for a very serious reputation, thinking this is the only way to persuade users to use their platform. Of course, it helps when you feel secure, but there are many people who are simply looking for some quick fun, with a few risks incorporated in their gaming experience. BoomtownBingo is a homepage for different casino platforms, allowing users to look for Bingo games, normal casino experiences, slot games and so on. That being said, the company also decided to make things a bit more fun for the users that land on their page.

We all know the internet sensation of ‘memes’. These funny pictures always take a certain situation, or popular character and set a fitting text on said picture. These pictures often have to do with very specific situations and BoomtownBingo decided to make a small meme gallery about Bingo games. This gallery can be found here for your entertainment, and we couldn’t help ourselves but chuckle all the way through. While some may argue this is simply a tactic to bond with a younger audience, we believe this is some harmless fun, showing us that not every gambling platform treats their user like numbers. This is certainly a fun touch for a site such as this, and more platforms should follow this example.

Trying to make a serious experience somewhat lighthearted isn’t always a good idea though. We recently noticed that when playing Real Heroes: Firefighter that the developers tried to revive an old school Wii game for the Switch. Sadly, this game originally wasn’t considered as good, and now, with minimal changes, the game still doesn’t fare any better. Nonetheless, the game tried to be a simulation experience, but for some reason, the further you progress in the game, the sillier things become. You go from rescuing hostages in realistic hazardous conditions, to battling a dragon as a firefighter. The latter is just silly and throws the entire concept of a simulation game out of the window. We reckon this is why the game receives even lower scores than if it was an attempt at a real simulation experience.

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Funny Images for Bingo Lovers - Boomtown have All the Best Online Bingo Memes, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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