Green Hell – the Bear Grills simulator

Green Hell – the Bear Grills simulator

Survival games, they have been coming around a lot lately but no real hardcore survival game. Most of these titles have some quirky gimmick to lure you in (post-apocalyptic, dinosaurs, zombies) but never a real die-hard simulator. This is where Green Hell wants to innovate in, just as the title says you can be the Bear Grills you always wanted to be and survive in the dark corners of the Amazon. Green Hell is a survival series that will pit the player in various parts of the world. In this first-person title you will experience how it feels like being stranding in a deserted place.

Some key features include:

  • Realistic Survival Simulator – Green Hell puts great focus on realism in both its world building and gameplay. Everything that is crafted or built is necessary for survival, and was consulted on with experts. The Amazon is not a typical forest; threats are literally crawling under your skin.
  • Psychological Thriller – Waking up in the middle of the Amazon with no recollection of how you got there or how you’ll get out, the hardest battle you’ll face is the fight against yourself and your weaknesses and fears.
  • Fully Alive Amazon Rainforest – Every effort has gone into recreating the lush world of the Amazon in painstaking detail. An exotic and dangerous place, this jungle is filled with many hazards beyond predators including toxic plants, illnesses and infections, all waiting to bring the player to their demise.
  • Body Inspection – Dangers lurk around every bend but they also live under your very skin. Paramount to your survival is checking your body for parasites, infections, and wounds. Take care or suffer the consequences.

Green Hell will enter Early Access on PC this summer, so better grab your sun-screen.

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