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February will have not one, but two DC Comics based movies coming out. They are coming out on February 11, on DVD.

The first one is Throne of Atlantis, where the Justice League gets a new member: Aquaman. He’ll be joining at the right time to, because a new danger is threatening the world.

Throne of Atlantis is directed by Ethan Spaulding and stars (the voices of) Matt Lanter, Jerry O’Connell, Rosario Dawson, Nathan Fillion and others.

Our second feature is LEGO: DC Super Heroes – Justice League VS Bizarro League. Bizarro, Superman’s evil clone, is sent back to his own dimension after attacking the world of Superman. Unfortunately for Bizarro, his own world soon is under threat of Darkseid. In order to save his home world, Bizarro creates more creatures like himself and forms the Bizarro League!

LEGO: DC Super Heroes – Justice League VS Bizarro League is directed by Brandon Vietti and stars Nolan North, Troy Baker, Grey DeLisle and many others.

You can watch the trailer of both flicks here:



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