How Gaming Helps Your Brain

We love video games. Every day seems to bring a new game. Gamers like us have many reasons to play video games.

Video games have many positive effects, including better memory and problem solving as well as improved mood and social skills. Video games can be criticized for making you lazy, affecting your social life or distracting you from the studying process like writing a dissertation. In this case you can always contact RankMyService for help. However, they have many cognitive, physical and social benefits. This list of 10 benefits video games have for your brain will help you to ignore anyone who tells you you are too addicted to video games.


1. Memory

Some video games require a lot of concentration and strategy. You’ve probably ever tried to build your own city in Minecraft or fight for your life in Fortnite. If so, you’ll know how important it can be to keep track of where resources were found and where to go next. Video Game environments can be richly stimulated by 3D graphics and immersive sound. Navigating virtual worlds in video games is very similar to the real world. Exploring video game universes can actually have a positive effect on your memory and everyday life.

Your hippocampus is activated when you have to manage multiple tasks and goals, while also navigating virtual spaces. This brain part is responsible for spatial memory control and short-term memory conversion. You will have better long-term memory, and better navigation skills if your hippocampus is in good shape. Video games can help you improve your memory and ability to find your way.

2. Spatial Visualization

Video games can help you see space better, as well as improve your spatial memory. According to an American Psychological Association study, shooter games can improve your ability to see objects in three dimensions. Gamers can judge distances better or mentally rotate objects to see how they might fit in a space.

This improved spatial visualization can be used to organize your closet and know if you are able to parallel park. For many STEM careers, good spatial visualization is essential.

3. Vision and perception

Your brain creates a perceptual model that guides you through complex environments with many stimuli. This perceptual template allows you to evaluate and respond to situations. A 2014 study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America found that playing action games can increase a person’s ability to make perceptual templates. This type of perception improvement is particularly beneficial because it does not depend on the task at hand, but can be applied to any situation.

You can also distinguish between different shades of grey and patterns by playing high-action video games. Scientists believed that your ability to differentiate contrast was impossible to improve. However, University of Rochester research showed that gamers who played 5.5 hours of action video games per week for nine weeks saw a 43% improvement in their contrast sensitivity.

4. Take a decision

Need for Speed and Call of Duty are fast-paced games that require you to be alert and quick to make decisions. These action-packed games can help you make quick decisions in real life. The best dissertation writing services researchers found that gamers who enjoy action games were more likely to make correct decisions than those who don’t like them or who play slower-paced games. Participants were tested in visual and audio decision-making tasks. The task completion speed of the action gamers group was 25 percent faster than the others.

Playing the games you love can help improve your memory and navigation. You now have a lot of evidence to back your passion for gaming, so you can be confident when someone says you should stop playing them. With examples of the many social, mental and physical benefits that video games offer, you can confidently answer “How are they good for me?”

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