Infinite Crisis – Preview
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Developer: Turbine
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Platform: PC

Infinite Crisis – Preview

Good: Easier for newcomers then most other moba games
Bad: No recommended items
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Infinite Crisis 00

DC announced earlier this year that they were creating a new moba game called Infinite Crisis. A great move since moba games are very popular at the moment. And to top it of it seems to be the first one with superheroes. The thought that nobody else came up with this idea, seems so crazy as superheroes are the ideal champions for such a game.

From all the DC comic stories it seems they have chosen the Infinite Crisis story to bind all the characters together in a moba game. Which is a good choice because there are multiple dimensions so they can create multiple versions of the same hero. And if they follow the comic books there will be a lot more because there are a lot of dimension in existence in the comic books. For example, there is a Batman The Dark Knight, a Nightmare Batman and a Gaslight Batman available in the beta.  These are already three versions of one champion, so no lack of champions in this game. And to make it all more appealing each version of a superhero has it’s own abilities,  so playing as Nightmare Batman will be a whole different experience as playing as Gaslight Batman.

Infinite Crisis 01

At the moment there is only one map available, Gotham Heights, where you play in two teams of 5 champions. The purpose is to take control of certain locations and keep this control as long as possible by defending these locations. The other team then will try to capture your locations. More maps will become available when the game launches later this year.

In the store you can buy champions with points earned while playing the game. The amount of points earned, depends on how good yours and your teams performance was. You’ll earn more points with a victory then you will with a defeat. What’s new is, that you can also buy stolen powers. This means you’ll be able to use certain powers of other champions on your champion. This will certainly make the game more unpredictable then most moba games, as the opponents don’t know exactly which powers you’ll have when the game starts. This makes counterpicking more difficult and means you may still have a chance at victory when you meet your perfect opponent.

Infinite Crisis 02

The fact that you’ll be able to use stolen powers, will make the game easier for new moba players to start the game. They will not be obliterated by hardcore moba players, which is what happens to newcomers in most other moba games. But they will, of course after a few tries, stand their ground and maybe even mop the floor with them.

WB Games made a decent moba, which is also very attractive due to the fact that all characters are superheroes. A very positive point is that the game will be easier for newcomers to the genre, which will keep them playing the game longer. Otherwise they might have quit after a few tries thinking this game is too hard.
What I feel missing while playing this game is, recommended items in the store. Every moba game has it, hopefully Infinite Crisis will get it soon.

Infinite Crisis 03

Infinite Crisis is making its name in the moba genre and I really hope when the full game launches it will be a succes as it has everything a moba game needs and more. Superheroes are always popular and this angle will hopefully attract more people to the already popular game genre. So give the game a go, you will not lose anything by giving it a try as it is free to play.

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Infinite Crisis - Preview, 3.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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