Info and trailer for Salvaged

Info and trailer for Salvaged

In Salvaged players take on the role of Commander Alex Pieterson, sending squads of hardened agents into alien-infested wrecks in search of precious salvage.

Salvaged is played entirely in the command room from a first person view, the players interact with a series of screens in real time. Two screens deal with contracts and managing upgrades while Alex’s tablet is used to send commands to her squad. The third, and main screen, shows the action from each agent’s head can in the full 3D environment.

Gameplay works in 3 phases:

Phase One: Recon: Use a node-based system to plan squad tactics, with the possibility to run in all guns blazing or flank and distract using a wide range of weaponry and equipment.

Phase Two: Breach:  Watch your plan unfold with a finger hovering over the retreat button – just in case things go pear-shaped. Modify your squad’s movements on the fly or change their stance from aggressive to defensive.

Phase Three: Explore: Claim your rewards for clearing a room. Once you’re ready, pick a direction to head in and it’s back to Recon.

Salvaged introduces the player to the mysterious AI, Thaddeus. Somewhere between a fussy geography teacher and the lord of the manor, he guides Alex through the main campaign’s story. Once the game’s main campaign has been completed Players can unlock Infinity Mode. In this mode players have access to an unlimited amount of procedurally generated missions to complete to their heart’s content.

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